How To Remove Problem Content from the Web

How To Remove Problem Content from the Web

The Internet has taken the concept of airing your dirty laundry to an entirely new level. Thanks to social media tools, one seemingly innocent piece of information can be spread across the World Wide Web in no time at all, leaving you to pick up the pieces and attempt to salvage your Internet reputation.

If you find negative items about yourself online, you need to take proactive steps into the world of online reputation management. This article will focus on how to remove problem content from the Web.


Think about what you are sharing online before you hit submit.

The best thing to do is to not share negative content in the first place. Before you hit post anything online, think about whether the content will cause you problems in the future.  Prospective employers often do personality profile searches, and will look for poor spelling, offensive content, and inappropriate pictures. You may be passed over for a job opportunity before you even have an interview.

Most of the time, however, the problem isn’t that you shared something bad online, but that someone else is ruining your good name. So what do you do in the case of online defamation?

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Learn how to remove problem content from the Web that is dedicated to defaming your online reputation.

Negative information about yourself or your business can be difficult to remove, particularly if it comes from a newspaper article or is associated with a very high-ranking website. If you know the information is false, and you believe that it was not posted maliciously, you can contact the individual or business that posted the content and ask for it to be removed.

In cases of malicious defamation, however, asking politely to remove content typically leads to more negative publicity. A better alternative is to promote positive content.


Focus on building a positive online reputation

Most Google searchers won’t look beyond the first or second page of search results. That’s why moving your negative content off of page one is so important. By focusing on a proactive online reputation management approach, you can displace negative content and reclaim your search results.

One way to gain control of your online reputation is to get involved in social networking websites. Of course, there are thousands of websites to choose from, so how can you know which one is right for you? First, check out this article from the ReputationDefender Resource Center on the three websites you need to protect your online reputation. Second, check out ReputationDefender from ReputationDefender. Using social networking is an extremely helpful aspect in learning how to remove problem content from the Web.

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