How To Remove Online Reviews From

And you can see all that hard work trashed with one bad review. How can you remove bad reviews from Use this simple steps.


Claim Your Dealership

Start with the simplest part of the process: Sign up as a dealer on This is often a matter of "claiming" your business by providing some information. Once you're signed up, you'll be able to add information, correct errors about your dealership on the site, and most importantly, reply to reviews. You won't be able to erase bad reviews from otherwise.


Ask for Removal Under Cars.Com Terms of Service

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It takes quite a lot to have a review removed from; essentially the only way it'll happen is if the reviews somehow violate the site's terms of service, specifically any behavior noted in the "Prohibited Activities" section ( Even then, whether or not the review violates the terms of service will be up to the discretion of's staff. Unless a review is decidedly over-the-top, slanderous, or otherwise something that's legally actionable, it's unlikely the review will come down. But it's worth a try; you won't remove a bad review from unless you ask.


Reply to Bad Reviews Professionally

Unfortunately, doesn't offer a private way to correspond with those posting a review, but dealers who are registered with the site are able to reply to reviews with their side of the story. If a bad review is simply factually inaccurate or the critic is misinformed, explain the situation and what seems to have gone wrong. If the critic has a genuine grievance or there was a situation you were unaware of, apologize as appropriate and request that they contact you directly to resolve the issue. From there, you can negotiate the removal of a bad review on

Remember that professionalism is important. Check your response for grammar and spelling before posting and keep a polite, friendly tone. If you're the one being reasonable, it forces even the unreasonable critic to respond politely, meaning you can find some common ground.


Look for Good Reviews

The best corrective to bad reviews is good reviews. If you can't erase a bad review on, you can counteract it. Be sure that you have permanent links in your website and your social media presence inviting customers to weigh in on and offer their perspective. If a customer tells you they're particularly satisfied, mention that you hope they'll let their friends know. Word of mouth becomes positive reviews on, so if you do your best to satisfy every customer, the reviews will come quickly.

Not everyone is comfortable with the Internet and that's where ReputationDefender comes in. We can help you turn bad reviews into good ones, and show you the ropes on social media so minor problems don't explode into major ones, helping you control or even delete bad reviews from or elsewhere. Don't let the Internet define your business and don't let angry critics control the conversation about you. Contact ReputationDefender today.

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