How to Remove Negative Reviews from

The Yellow Pages is one of the most respected resources for finding information in America. Even with the Internet and smart phones, it's still often handy to have the Yellow Pages available to flip through and find merchants, small businesses, and other listings., the website of the Yellow Pages, is no different, but it does have an important feature the phone book itself doesn't: User reviews. Users are able to weigh in on each listing and as reviews collect, over time the site will assign you a rating. Here's how to remove negative reviews from that might unfairly drag down your rating.

Why Should You Delete Negative Reviews From

Removing bad reviews from is important because one bad review can throw your entire rating out of whack. Even if there are dozens of satisfied customers, one or two angry reviews can make you seem a lot less friendly and customer focused than you actually are.

So how do you keep on top of these reviews and, more importantly, take down bad reviews on

Start with tracking your business on and its reviews. The first step to addressing a negative review is to know about it immediately and react accordingly. Once you're aware of the review, you can go from there. You should be aware that indexes reviews from, so if you get a bad review there, it may also pop up on

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This adds another problem in that Citysearch doesn't offer much contact information about individual critics, and no specific way to contact critics on the site itself. Reviews written on directly tend to use a Facebook account, so you will be able to at least reach out that way. Adding insult to injury, may assign star ratings from these syndicated reviews. Sometimes deleting a hostile review on can feel like playing whack-a-mole, but it must be done.

The phone book is still an important resource.


When To Reply To Bad Reviews On

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This lack of communication tools cuts off a key aspect of addressing bad reviews: Contacting the customer to make things right. You can at least reply as a business to bad reviews and offer to see what you can do to make it up to them, but that will be public.

Another aspect to check is whether the review violates the company's Terms of Service. Reviews that defines as "deceptive" will be removed from the site. If you're fighting a customer trying to smear your good name for some reason, and can present evidence that they're being misleading, you may be able to get the review removed from

Beyond that, the best way to change your ranking is to find the customers that value your business the most and get them to weigh in on your business. Ask them to write a review discussing what they like and their overall experience. The more reviews the better, but just make sure that they're honest and not overly glowing. That may get those reviews taken down!

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