How to Remove Negative Expedia Reviews Before Your Customers See Them

Hotels often depend on their reviews to maintain their business. Positive reviews can make the difference between full rooms year-round and empty floors even in the busiest of seasons. As a result, reviews on travel sites such as Expedia can be crucial to keeping the hotel humming… and bad reviews can make it harder to keep your rooms full. So, is it possible to delete negative reviews from Expedia? And more importantly, how can you stop them before they even begin?

Removing Negative Expedia Reviews: Possible, But Difficult

While you can remove negative reviews from Expedia, it's not something that you should necessarily count on. Expedia will not just remove a review because you happen to dislike it; you'll need to demonstrate that the review is problematic in some way, shape, or form.

Before you report or otherwise try to erase a bad Expedia review, you should study Expedia's Community Guidelines. The Community Guidelines are suggestions that Expedia would prefer anybody posting content to their site follow; if they don't follow it, the review may be deleted.

In some cases, it's pretty clear cut when a negative Expedia review should be deleted; if you've had a problem with a guest harassing a staff member, and that guest decides to post a personal attack on Expedia's site, it's both good for your staff and good for your business to get that review removed. Other situations will be up to Expedia; there are two sides to every story, and every review, and they will weigh both before making a decision. Keep in mind, that decision is final.

It's far better to stop bad Expedia reviews before they start. How?

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Listen To Your Customers

Every hotel knows to address guest complaints swiftly and politely; it's basic customer service. But also make a point of noting those complaints and looking at patterns. Are there larger issues that you can correct? Are there ambiguities in your marketing you can clarify?


Encourage Customers To Weigh In

Many bad reviews are posted not out of hostility but out of frustration. Often a guest will attempt to resolve the situation through multiple avenues and when those fail, resort to venting on the Internet. Giving them complaint cards, a response line, and other methods will help keep a bad review from appearing.

And be sure to encourage customers to review your hotel as well; include links to Expedia and other sites in your official emails and have signs posted at the front desk.

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Monitor Expedia Reviews And Try To Make Good

Sites such as Expedia offer tools to hotels that, for example, will notify them when a new review arrives, allowing the hotel to assess their reviews and act quickly if there's a problem. If a guest slips through the cracks, it never hurts a hotel's reputation to make an effort to resolve the issue. Showing that you care about a guest even after the bill has been paid is often the most effective way to deal with a bad review.

You may not be able to stop all bad Expedia reviews, but with a little forethought and hard work, you can keep even the crabbiest guest from damaging your reputation.

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