How to Remove Bad Online Reviews from Yellow Pages

Bad reviews are never fun to read, but they're also a problem you can stop before it starts and fix before it gets worse. Here's how to remove a bad review from Yellow Pages.


Make Sure You Want the Customers the Review is Driving Away

It's one thing when a customer weighs in with a polite and well-reasoned bad review on Yellow Pages. It's quite another when a customer weighs in with a profane, abusive bad review. While you should take every review, good, bad or indifferent seriously, you should also consider the source. The review reflects the kind of customer that won't be coming through your door, and if rude customers are being turned away, that might be more of a help than a hindrance. Still, in most cases, you'll want to delete a bad online review from the Yellow Pages.

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Don't Be Too Concerned Over One Bad Review Among Several Good Ones

The simple truth is that you can't please everyone, so if a customer clicks over to your Yellow Pages site and sees nothing but glowing reviews, they're going to be suspicious. They might find themselves wondering if you're really that good, or if perhaps you've purchased some praise online. If they see a bad review, believe it or not, that actually works in your favor on several levels. That said, some bad reviews on Yellow Pages must be removed.


Approach the Issues the Review Raises

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In truth, you're likely already be aware of issues that a bad review raises and might be working to fix them. Perhaps an employee is not working out, or there are some technical problems that have been making things difficult for your business. If there's a situation where you need some perspective, or if an employee is identified by name in the review, sit them down and ask for their take on the situation. Try to get a sense of what happened, why the customer was dissatisfied, and what you can do to prevent bad reviews on Yellow Pages in the future.


Reach Out to the Critic

Fortunately, if you want to reply to a bad review, Yellow Pages offers you the tools to do so. Each review has a small link underneath where businesses can click to reply to the situation. How you approach replying, and whether you should in the first place, will depend heavily on the review and the critic. If a critic seems reasonable, and the situation is something you can rectify or apologize for, it will generally be worth responding. Remember that both your critic and the wider public will be reading your response, so even if the review hurts your feelings, be polite and professional.


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See if You Can Negotiate to Have the Review Removed

If you can make up the situation to the critic, do so. Once that's done, ask them to consider either excising their bad review from Yellow Pages or updating it with a full account of the situation so that potential customers can get a full view of what happened. If so, great, but if not, let it go. You've done everything that you can.

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