How To Protect Your Online Reputation

How To Protect Your Online Reputation

Everything a person does or says online can assert a considerable impact on his or her life offline. When you post a picture or comment to Facebook, add an entry to your personal blog, update your information on a web-based professional network, or participate in any other form of interactive activity on the Internet, you accept responsibility for those actions in full. Likewise, if someone chooses to share information about you that is less than complimentary, misleading, or entirely false, you might find yourself struggling to counteract the damage your reputation incurs as a result. With the proliferation of digital forums that encourage the exchange of vast amounts of information, you need to learn how to protect your online reputation.

Everyone wants to convey a positive online image for varying reasons. Your behavior in the digital sphere can strongly influence your personal and professional endeavors, whether you are applying to an academic institution, pursuing a new job, marketing your business, or looking for love on a dating site. For these reasons, understanding how to protect your online reputation has become a vital component of enhancing overall happiness and wellbeing. A recent study referenced on revealed that nearly 50 percent of human resources specialists and recruiters consult personal websites before making the decision of whether to hire you or not. Almost 80 percent of recruiters perform an in-depth assessment of the search engine results that link to your name. People who lack a presence on the web place themselves at a disadvantage as well. In some cases, low visibility on the Internet can present hindrances similar to those caused by negative search results. Learning how to protect your online reputation is an ongoing process, but there has never been a better time to start than today.

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