How To Delete Email Address

How to Delete Email Address
In this era of multiple email addresses and Web presences, identity theft and website tracking are an increasing concern to many Internet users. Hundreds of sites have proliferated in recent years that offer your personal information to anyone surfing the Web. Many people find themselves wanting to know how to delete email address and other personal information from the publicly accessed portion of the Web.
How to Delete Email Address – The Manual Method and the Automatic Method
The Manual Method
Those who select the manual approach for “how to delete email address,” quickly find that there is no easy fix. Manually deleting email address and other sensitive information from online white pages and data broker sites is a chore.
The first step involves drawing up a list of online databases of concern. Numbering in the hundreds, these prominently include Spokeo, Intelius, and Pipl. Users must visit each site and research the opt-out procedure, inputting all required information. They then need to go back and verify that “opting out” has been successful, taking into consideration that several variants of any name, address, and other personal data may exist. Finally, users need to stay on top new online databases which are created on a monthly basis, and which utilize information tracked from their current Web activity.
The Automatic Method
For those scratching their heads about “how to delete email address,” there is a simpler option. Established online reputation management companies can optimize your privacy settings on a continuous basis. While no service can remove your personal data from the entire Web, this will significantly bolster the integrity of your online personal data, taking you beyond questions concerning “how to delete email address.”
How to Delete Email Address – Seek a Quality Automated Solution
One of the leading firms in the industry, ReputationDefender offers MyPrivacy, a powerful automated suite of tools designed to protect the integrity of your online data. An easy to use point-and-click interface allows you to decide which information you want to remove from major databases such as Spokeo. In addition, you can easily opt out of receiving marketing and advertising materials from numerous firms. To learn more about ReputationDefender’s online privacy enhancing services, call 877-492-5209877-492-5209.

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