How to Cultivate Your Actor Image Online

The Internet is many things to actors: A source of gigs, a way to stay on top of what's happening in the film and theater world, a way to stay constantly in touch with fellow actors, agents, and managers. But it's also a way to help define yourself and build your actor image online. Reputation management is important to actors, whether you win leading roles constantly or are just starting your career, and can be the deciding factor in getting that callback.

How To Build An Actor's Online Reputation

The most basic piece of actor reputation management, of course, is to have a professional website. Building a website is fairly simple, and should include your headshot, resume, and audition reels. Approach your website from the perspective of a casting director. Make sure your information is quick to find and that your site is free of any distractions. The goal is to reduce the "friction" needed to look at your work. The harder it is to find your information, the less likely people are to bother.

Back your website up with an official page on Facebook or official Twitter to build your online image as an actor. Remember that being professional on these pages is key. Your nephews and nieces may be adorable, but they don't need to be on your professional social media page. Keep it focused squarely on your acting; it'll help casting agents and directors take you more seriously. Similarly, remember to network with other professional pages. Share the websites of actors you've worked with, projects you've worked on, and so forth. It's a professional courtesy and it helps raise both your profile and the profile of your friends.

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An Actor's Image Strategy And Their Portfolio

Beyond that, image building should largely come from your work. Actors have an enormous advantage in the Internet age because recording and distributing video is now a matter of a few clicks. Videos of your performances should be available, of course, but there's far more you can do with Internet video than just post your audition reel.

A good example would be comedian Will Sasso. Using his Vine account, Sasso has built and helped spread his reputation as a comedian using short, six second videos ranging from impersonations of movie stars driving to a surreal series of skits involving lemons. They've gotten him far more attention and spread virally, raising Sasso's professional profile and firmly establishing his brand as a comedian. Clever video can quickly and effective build your online actor brand.

In all cases, be sure to monitor comments for gossip or insults to friends and costars. Even the semblance of being a gossip can damage your online reputation and cost you auditions and callbacks. Remove any comments about your costars quickly, although don't be worried, terribly, about mean-spirited comments about yourself. Letting those roll off your back are all part of the job.

If you want to build a professional actor's image online, but aren't sure where to start, contact ReputationDefender. We'll help you design a reputation management strategy that's simple to put into action, and will help you build your reputation. No actor should leave his reputation up to just the Internet, so call ReputationDefender today.

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