How Celebrities Are Managing Their Online Reputations

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What Is Celebrity Online Image Management?

Let's start with how celebrities manage their reputation. Reputation management is tied very closely to a celebrity's online brand management strategy. For example, if a celebrity has a squeaky-clean image, it's important to contain false rumors about their personal lives, although it's impossible to completely contain anything on the Internet. Celebrities who don't control their brand often lose control of their reputation in fairly short order.

As a result, reputation management at the celebrity level is watching what people say about the celebrity and suggesting possible adjustments their clients can make to adjust the trajectory of those discussions. Or, if necessary, drumming up some more discussion than the celebrity may currently be enjoying.


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How Do Celebrity Image Management Companies Do Their Jobs?

The work of a celebrity reputation management company can really be broken down into three categories:

  • Monitoring: The company keeps an eye on gossip blogs, social media trends, news articles, and other sources of coverage to see what people are saying about their client, and how that compares with the intended message. Often, a good company will have a daily digest of information about the celebrity; who's saying what.
  • Sourcing: If a rumor is taking off about a celebrity, negative or positive, it's part of the job to track down who's saying this and why. Is it a gossip blogger sharing a "juicy" scoop? Is it a rumor that started on Twitter? Determining the source, and if possible the motivation, behind a rumor can be key to the final step.
  • Strategy: How does a celebrity play this in their favor? Do they need to address the rumor directly? Will it burn itself out quickly as gossip hounds and gawkers move on to other celebrities and other rumors? Will the celebrity's marketing team need to engage in "damage control" or other behavior?


What Lessons Can We Learn From Celebrity Reputation Management Online?

True, we're not all famous, but there's a lot we can learn from famous people. Here are a few truths about reputation management celebrities know and that we can all take a lesson from:

  • A positive reputation is the best defense against smear campaigns: If you work hard and give people no reason to dislike you, as a rule you'll find yourself defended by friends and coworkers, and your reputation unsullied.
  • Most attempts to smear go nowhere: They're either obviously fake, or they don't engage people enough to get traction.
  • Reputation management is still important: That said, over time, rumors and smears can collect until they become a reputation problem that's much more difficult to combat.
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