Five Ways to Remove Bad Online Reviews from Angies List

1. Contact the unhappy customers who have been leaving negative reviews on Angie’s List. Although you might not think it will help, you might be surprised by how many customers are willing to remove bad online reviews from Angies List if the business owner makes an effort to remedy the situation that made them upset in the first place. In fact, making customers happy after they have left a bad review is one of the best and most effective ways to remove bad online reviews from Angies List, and it could also win a customer back over after he or she thought that he or she would never visit your business again.

2. Try as hard as you can to make all of your customers happy. If you do, you won’t have to worry as much about getting bad online reviews on Angie’s List or elsewhere on the Internet.

3. Maintain a positive attitude during this difficult time. It can be difficult to remain calm when you are working to remove bad online reviews from Angies List, but taking the situation out on your customers could cause you to get more bad reviews.

4. Ask your happy customers if they would be willing to post a review about your business on Angie’s List. It never hurts to ask, and these positive reviews could help make your reputation look a little better and can make negative reviews a little less obvious.

5. Don’t try to take care of everything by yourself. It can be difficult to remove bad online reviews from Angies List, and many business owners are unsuccessful when they attempt to take care of these negative reviews on their own. Therefore, you should consider contacting a company like ReputationDefender to find out about having these negative reviews successfully hidden. ReputationDefender can help you restore your reputation, and the company can also take a little bit of the stress off of you.

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