Doctor Reputation Management

Like any business, doctors must carefully consider how they are perceived by an online audience. With the advent of review sites such as,, and, doctors are susceptible to  all sorts of comments and opinions – both positive and negative – that can have a big impact on business. Unfortunately, it has been found that a one-star rating can cause a drastic dip in revenues – to the tune of almost 10%.

The benefits of doctor reputation management.

Catering specifically to medical professionals, doctor reputation management assists doctors in highlighting their professional specialties and achievements while carefully monitoring the types of reviews received online.

Bad reviews about a medical practice can come from almost anyone – from a patient who did not like the way the front desk manager answered the phone to contemporaries attempting to oust the competition. Chances are that many negative reviews will not even reflect on the actual service offered by the practice. With doctor reputation management, medical professionals can begin the process of promoting positive testimonials and, if needed, countering or clarifying misleading or inaccurate information.

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Additionally, doctor reputation management helps doctors without an online presence take a proactive position in building and maintaining their online reputations. By strategically placing information focusing on positive facts such as awards and accomplishments on professional profiles and requesting reviews from happy patients, doctors can create an online identity that may attract new business.

How can doctors begin to take control of their online reputations?

A leader in Online Reputation Management (ORM), ReputationDefender oversees the time consuming process of doctor reputation management, leaving the doctor time to focus on what they do best: take care of their patients. With the ReputationDefender for Business Medical package, doctors gain access to useful reputation management tools such as a web-based dashboard that aggregates reviews into one, easy-to-manage place.

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