Celebrity Image Management: How it Works

Not all attention is positive.

Celebrities are brands and that has both its up sides and its down sides. The pro is fame and fortune, but the con is simple. A celebrity, who gets work based on the love of audiences, has to be an ideal person all the time and even one slip can ruin their brand, possibly for good. Here's how celebrity image management protects the famous

Being Seen But Not Heard

For a celebrity who properly manages their image, you'll have to dig pretty deep to find anything resembling an opinion about, well, anything. The reality is, especially in our touchy internet era, a celebrity sharing even the blandest, most inconsequential opinion is bound to attract some outrage. While there are celebrities that are either so beloved they can be outspoken, or build a brand on a particular kind of outspokenness such as Charlie Sheen leveraging his bad boy image after a falling out over Two and A Half Men, more often than not, protecting celebrity reputation amounts to asking that celebrity to be diplomatic.


Supporting Causes That Have Been Carefully Screened

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This doesn't mean, however, that celebrities can't use their star power for good; it's just that they have to carefully screen who they work with. Any brand can be damaged by association as much as it can be by an actual mistake on its part, and celebrities are no exception. For example, a celebrity will raise money for a cause that's above reproach, such as cancer research or children's charities, but you're unlikely to see a major celebrity at a political fundraiser for a controversial candidate. Even if you do, it may damage the other brand more than the celebrity. Clint Eastwood walked away from arguing with an empty chair mostly unscathed, but some argue it helped damage Mitt Romney's credibility in the 2012 elections. Celebrity reputation management can sometimes mean putting the celebrity before their cause.

Constant Monitoring For Rumors

When guarding celebrity image, often it's rumors that are the enemy The simple truth is that with social media and a proliferation of gossip websites, not to mention smartphones and constantly connected digital cameras, that a celebrity needs to have at least one person on staff constantly watching the internet. Something as innocent as a business meeting between two celebrities can be immediately photographed and spread across the internet with headlines alleging an affair, even if that couldn't be further from the truth. If an actor gets tipsy in a bar, suddenly he's "battling problems with alcoholism." 

Someone needs to be on, quashing rumors and making statements, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


The red carpet is a hard place to be.


Taking Responsibility When Appropriate

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No matter what kind of celebrity they are, there's one thing that all of the well-known have in common: They're human beings, like the rest of us. Sometimes, human beings make mistakes. The difference is that the rest of us aren't under a constant microscope; even the slightest mistake lights up the internet almost immediately after it happens. Smart celebrities manage their brand by owning up to mistakes, which gives them more control of the media narrative and helps their celebrity image control team do their job.

Knowing When to go to Ground

Sometimes, timing is the most important part of being a celebrity and the best way to protect a celebrity's reputation is to simply assume a low profile for a little while. While the internet may have a long memory in some quarters, most are happy to move on to the next celebrity gaffe.

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