Can You Remove Bad Online Reviews from Insider Pages?

Insider Pages is one of the more popular review websites on the Internet. Unfortunately, that means it can be a magnet for bad reviews of your business. Is it possible to take down reviews that may not be accurate, or even outright libelous?

Yes and no. While Insider Pages offers a process, that process is not dissimilar to trying to remove reviews on other websites. While it's worth trying, you should also look into other methods.


The Removal Process

First, you'll need to claim your business on Insider Pages' site. This is a fairly quick process that just involves confirming you actually own your business and can speak for the company. Next, you'll need to find the review and click "Report Abuse."

The problem is that "abuse" is subjective, and ultimately the choice to remove the bad review does not actually lie with the business owner. Instead, an Insider Pages team will look at the review and measure its content against the site's terms of service. If Insider Pages decides that the review violates those terms, it'll go, but if they don't, it'll stay. Of course, you'll have little, if any, ability to appeal or otherwise discuss that situation with Insider Pages.

It's an unfortunate choice not least because review sites tend to come down on the side of not removing a review unless they absolutely have to. But as there's little you can do about it, you should look into other options.

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What if They Don't Remove the Review?

Fortunately, you do have a few other options if they don't remove the review.

The one thing you shouldn't do is ignore it. If there are problems to fix, or the review presents an unfair perspective of your business, you will need to address it as an online reputation problem, and quickly.

First of all, Insider Pages does offer businesses the ability to reply to a review, which is a very useful tool for setting the record straight. For critics who had a bad experience or a genuine problem, you can reach out to them and offer to make things right, and for critics who may not understand how your business works, you can explain to them why you were unable to work with them, or why you weren't able to meet their needs.

Remember that this is as much about those who find the review online as it is about the critic themselves. You want to present yourself as professional and easy to work with. The more you show that the critic's experience was atypical, the better it is for your business.

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You can also encourage your happy customers to counter that review. Pleased customers are a crucial aspect of online reputation management, so post signs pointing customers towards Insider Pages, or include them on a receipt or on your email signature. You should never ask for reviews, just present your customers with the opportunity to provide them. The more you do that, the better your reviews will be.

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