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Actors: Use All the Resources at Your Disposal

George Clooney, Brangelina, and Meryl Streep are pretty well branded. We really know them, or at least we think we do. But the vast majority of television, film, and theater performers could use some serious actor personal branding

A unique profession, acting by its nature requires recognition and credibility. Most of us can wander through life unknown and unrecognized by 99.99-plus percent of the world with no ill effects, but the livelihood and bankability of actors depends on their positive visibility. Actor personal branding can elevate a career to the next level, shaping an image for optimum impact and opportunities.

How does one go about achieving actor personal branding? In the cyber-driven world of the 21st century, it can best occur online through a professional reputation management company. Why? Because more than two billion people worldwide access the Internet, dwarfing the numbers who read newspapers or celebrity magazines.

The fastest way to trash a reputation, the Internet is also the easiest way to rehab or redirect a reputation, including actor personal branding. A company such as ReputationDefender, one of the first to recognize the power of the World Wide Web to affect personal lives positively and negatively, has taken self-promotion to an art form.

Although not the total picture, online actor personal branding should constitute the foundation of a performer’s overall branding plan, particularly since the Internet has leveled the playing field on cost. The most successful stars and wannabes pay the same amount to boost or redirect their online presence. It takes more than a personal website.

ReputationDefender creates a network of search-engine friendly content, strategically placing it on personal Web domains. The company also enables clients to monitor their improvement on a customized dashboard, tracking articles or other mentions, the number of people searching for them, the most visited pages, overall popularity ranking, and other information. Are you an actor? You should seriously consider owning your online identity through actor personal branding.

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