4 Tools for Fixing Negative Reviews on Cars.com

In short, an auto dealership owner must do everything right in order to be successful in the current marketplace. If they don't delete negative reviews on Cars.com, it may give them a poor online reputation and reduce opportunities to sell cars.

If your dealership is the target of an unflattering review, here are four tools that can help you fix bad reviews on Cars.com:

  1. Awareness. It all starts with being aware of the negative review in the first place. The easiest approach is to check Cars.com's site daily and see if any new reviews have been posted. If you're too busy to do that, you can set up e-mail alerts (either through Cars.com or a third party like Google) that can inform you when a new review has been posted on the site. Or you can set up a web dashboard which can help you monitor all of your reviews (ReputationDefender offers such a dashboard for this purpose). Removing bad reviews on Cars.com starts with awareness.
  2. Responsiveness. Unless a review is threatening, inappropriate, or defamatory, Cars.com will not remove it from the site. But you are permitted to respond to the negative review on the site itself. As soon as possible, you should write a response to the individual who complained, apologizing if necessary and offering to rectify the situation. Even if the complainer's issue isn't resolved, others who view the exchange will be impressed by your responsiveness to customer feedback, helping to negate that bad review on Cars.com.
  3. Positive reviews. Another effective method of repairing negative reviews on Cars.com is to drown them out with positive input from satisfied customers. The more glowing reviews your dealership receives, the less impact the negative reviews will have on your online reputation. To this end, you should encourage satisfied customers to visit Cars.com and write a positive review. You can even offer a free oil change or car wash to anyone who posts a good review of your business on Cars.com.
  4. Identifying the source of the problem. As with many things, the best way to fix negative reviews on Cars.com is to take preventive measures so that they don't happen in the first place. This means training sales staff to treat customers with respect and cater to their needs. And if a negative review does get posted, you should get to the bottom of the problem immediately and do whatever you can to ensure that such a situation never occurs again.

ReputationDefender provides auto dealerships with reputation management solutions and ideas for repairing bad reviews on Cars.com and other review sites. They have specialized techniques that can help fix the problems that are caused by negative online reviews. So you may want to consider contacting ReputationDefender today … because your dealership doesn't need any more barriers to success.

Chris Martin is a freelance writer about topics ranging from auto sales to business finance to online reputation management.

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