4 Small Business Marketing Strategies for ObGyns

Doctors have to market their services like any other business, but medical school can leave physicians woefully unprepared for this part of the job. So if you're an OB-GYN looking for more patients, or just to introduce yourself to the community, try these OB-GYN marketing strategies.


1. Professional References and Word of Mouth

When it comes to their health, there's nobody a patient trusts as much as her doctor. And if a doctor refers her to another doctor, she'll generally take the advice. So, as part of your OB-GYN marketing plan, work hard to professionally network, and refer your patients to doctors you trust in the area. Fellow doctors will often return the favor, primarily because you're giving them a mark of professional respect, and it's more than a little flattering to hear a fellow doctor respects your skills.

Similarly, a patient who has a positive experience offers something you just can't buy. If you ensure every patient has as positive an experience as possible, if you ensure they're not waiting to be seen and that you know them by name, you'll see more patients coming in mentioning they were referred to you by former ones. It's not just good practice, it's a good OB-GYN promotion plan.

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2. Go Where the Patients Are

Another effective OB-GYN marketing idea is to simply go where the patients happen to be. Contact local hospitals, and see about assisting in their emergency room as an OB-GYN or serving as a doctor as part of their network. Hospitals often need doctors to refer patients to; in fact, they might reach out to your practice before you can contact them.

This not only demonstrates professionalism, and a commitment to the community, it also marks a way to find more patients. Patients who might never have come to your practice will be able to see you in person, and possibly begin visiting you regularly.


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3. Advertise on Radio, Newspapers, and the Internet

While it may sound odd at first, doctors have a service to sell just like anyone else… so why shouldn't they advertise? It's mostly a matter of choosing your markets effectively; for example, in Internet advertising, you might use a service such as Google AdWords. Or, consider targeting your OB-GYN advertising campaign towards websites with specific demographics.

The same is true of radio and newspaper ads; talk to their sales teams about their demographic data, as you might find some surprises. For example, advertising during a football broadcast on radio might be a good idea; the NFL has found 40% of its fanbase is female. Remember, an OB-GYN marketing strategy is most effective when you've got the right demographics.


4. Work With Local Media

A final OB-GYN marketing idea is to be available for local media for interviews and quotes. Local media often have stories about pregnancy and babies, and if they know to give you a call for a quote on whatever topic they're covering, you may find yourself on radio, television, and in the local newspaper on a fairly regular basis. This is your area of expertise, after all, and you may be able to help forestall bad ideas and prevent the spread of misinformation by working closely with local media as well.

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