People you should not friend on Facebook

People you Should not Friend on Facebook


There was a story a while back about a juror who got in some hot water when he tried to friend the defendant on Facebook. Who knows — maybe he thought the defendant was cute, maybe he was just trying to get ejected from the trial — but he ended up getting slapped with a contempt of court charge and two days of community service.

The stakes aren't usually so high for friending, and we all know that a “friend” in Facebook-land isn’t always a real-life friend. But it does raise some questions about who is fair game and whom you should probably leave off your list.

In addition to defendants in trials (which, frankly, seems like a no-brainer), here are some other people you should think twice about friending:

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  • Teachers Teachers and students is a topic all its own, but unless there's a well-established open-door policy, don't assume your teacher wants to be in your inner circle.
  • Your mom Judgment call. If you're going to be friends with your family, you have to make sure everything you say is family-friendly. Of course, if it would shock your mom, you might not want to say it anyway… Just saying.
  • Your boss There are plenty of instances of interoffice friending; there are also lots of stories about people losing their jobs over what they posted on Facebook.
  • Strangers who friended you It'll happen. Those mysterious friend requests from total strangers. Resist the temptation to boost your friend count. Think of it like your front door: You don't have to open it just because someone knocks.
  • Your parole officer– 'Nuff said.

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