20 Scary Stats About Your Online Reputation

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Reputation management used to be the sole province of celebrities and major companies. But these days, everyone with a work or personal history also has an online reputation. You don’t even need to have a computer: if you’ve ever worked at a job, won an award, or been mentioned in any publication, you have a reputation, whether you want one or not. The key is to understand how good reputations are made — and broken. Here are a few stats to get you started.

1. 70 percent of companies have rejected a candidate because of something they found on social media.

2. 68 percent of hiring managers, on the other hand, hired candidates because of something they saw on social media. Thirty-nine percent of those hiring managers said that the candidates’ social media presence indicated that they’d be a good fit for the company.

3. In a 2010 Execunet survey, 75 percent of HR professionals indicated that they were required by their employers to search for information about job candidates online.

4. In the same survey, 89 percent of recruiters said that they felt it was totally appropriate to do an online search on job candidates before interviewing them.

5. 90 percent of recruiters consider regular Googling of candidates a best practice.

6. According to Ruby Media Group, 46 percent of HR reps said that they’d found “digital deal breakers” in their searches, including ethical issues and felony convictions.

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7. Only 2 percent of recruiters say that they do not conduct online searches about job candidates, according to a study from Microsoft.

8. 78 percent of those in hiring positions use search engines to check up on job applicants; 63 percent use social networking sites.

9. Only 27 percent use professional background checking services.

10. In terms of what can prevent you from getting a job, 58 percent of HR professionals say concerns about lifestyle, 56 percent say unprofessional online comments, and 55 percent say inappropriate photos.

11. 15 percent of applicants feel it’s appropriate to check a candidate’s photo sharing service for inappropriate content, while 59 percent of recruiters feel it’s OK to do so.

12. 86 percent of recruiters said that a good online reputation would increase the chances that they’d hire a candidate.

75 percent

14. 7 percent of recruiters actually followed candidates on Twitter.

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15. 26 percent of colleges research student applicants by conducting online searches.

16. IT is the industry most likely to review candidates online, at 63 percent.

17. 87 percent of people consider a CEO’s reputation when forming their opinion of his or her firm.

18. 16 percent of executives are afraid that something online could hinder their own job prospects.

19. The top three things that turn off prospective employers are: pictures or information about drugs or drinking (41 percent); inappropriate photos (40 percent); poor communication skills (29 percent).

20. All of this research adds up to a lot of traffic for search engines. Some statistics say that users Google someone else’s name 50 million times a day.

Sources: PRDaily.com, Ruby Media Group, PCRecruiter.com, MarketingPilgrim.com, PRJobs.com
Images: Victor1558/Flickr

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