Guard Your Online Reputation (Even if You’re Not John Smith)

U.S. Census Bureau statistics show 151,671 different last names and 5,163 different first names in common use in the United States. Some names are more common than others. Web research shows that there are 44,848 people named John Smith in the United States. There are 975 people named James Bond, 103 people named Harry Potter, and 31 people named Emily Dickinson. Famous or not, all of them, including you, have one thing in common: their Internet reputation. This article will show you how to use Internet reputation management strategies to guard your online reputation by using a search engine reputation management companies such as ReputationDefender.

Whether a person has a famous name or a common name, the two leading search engines, Google and Bing, display similar results when a searcher enters names of individuals. In Bing, a search for John Smith – a very common name and a very famous name as well – reveals at the top of a search links to several sites on John Smith, who established the first permanent English settlement in North America at Jamestown, VA. Bing’s first-page results include Smith the explorer and famed British guitarist and singer/songwriter John Smith. Non-famous Johns Smiths appear down the list, showing up in batches on MySpace and Facebook. Google delivers nearly the same identical results as Bing. Fortunately for Smith the explorer and Smith the singer, their online reputation remains great. Online reputation management can protect the famous and not-so-famous, and can guard your online reputation as well.

It’s easy to find people and their history using a search engine

People search the Web to shop for items, hunt information and play games. They also look for information on celebrities and every-day people. People use the Internet to distribute information – good and bad. To make sure you catch bad information about yourself, consider using reputation management services to manage your online presence. Reputation monitoring can reduce the chance that negative associations appear with your name during Web searches and can help with protection of privacy.

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Many searchers seek information on people whom they know from work, school, or a social environment. By entering a common name with simple qualifiers, such as a city or state, a school or a college, or an occupation or a job title, searchers can narrow their search and find the person they want, which might be you. You might want to use a reputation management company to make sure no damaging information about you comes up.

Use reputation management services to guard your online reputation

Web-search businesses make it easy for searchers to find someone. Social media Web sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn also locate surprisingly hundreds of thousands of people in virtually no time. Search for your name and see whether you need reputation management services to manage negative or false information about you. Reputation management will become even more important as search engines become more sophisticated and dredge up more information from a person’s past.

You can find most common names through the most popular search engines and by using commercial Web sites. It remains difficult for an average person – even online social hermits who do not have accounts on Facebook or MySpace – to totally remain invisible from search engines. Searchers can find millions of public records on the Internet. Information on an individual’s tax liens, unpaid parking tickets, real estate purchases and marriage records appear in moments. Such information needs Internet reputation management to protect you and your name.

Make use of search reputation management tools

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Many commercial websites deliver information on individuals, including you, for a small fee. Such sites have made a science of finding just about anyone – who wants or does not want to be found. ReputationDefender can provide a customized search for every reference to you on the Web and give you total awareness of your online presence. The company will monitor the deep Web for new references to you and provide alerts. The website will work with you to identify the good, the bad, and the inaccurate regarding your online reputation. It also can help you with privacy protection.

If you find online information about yourself that you want to remove or to manage your online reputation, visit ReputationDefender for assistance in protecting your name’s internet reputation.

Guard your online reputation with search engine reputation management

Professional search sites provide information on a past loved one, a family member, or a colleague for as low as $9.99. In return for paying the fee, a searcher can get anything from a last known address to a complete up-to-date background check on you. Even by simply adding details to the name of a person, a searcher can find almost anyone they want on their own, even if all 44,848 people have the same famous and not-so-famous name of John Smith. To make sure your online reputation remains perfect and to protect your personal data and personal information, visit ReputationDefender.

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