Is Barack Obama the First Internet President?

ReputationDefender Blog has posted this before, but given the staggering nature of these newly discovered graphs, we feel compelled to update this topic- update it with graphs!

The Rap Up has a great piece on Obama leveraging the internet and social networking sites to connect with voters this election. The post is sharp and worth a read and did we mention that it even comes with fancy graphs! Quoting from the page:

Barack Obama Facebook

Obama’s biggest campaign platform so far has been the Internet. Not only did he embrace social media early on in his bid, he has invaded every media outlet in existence since then. Not to mention his groundbreaking online fundraising. His camp was also smart enough to build a web-based rumor clearinghouse to Fight the Smears. John Kerry could have used one of those 4 years ago.

Unsurprisingly, the Obama campaign is now going after gamers with in-game advertising. His camp has placed ads in the XBox 360 racing game Burnout Paradise, urging early voting. The game features “Obama for America” billboards while players race each other online. Mega genius.

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Just as Frank Delano Roosevelt was our first Radio President and JFK was our first TV President, Obama would be the first president to instinctively understand how to leverage the Internet as a media tool if elected.

Barack Obama MySpace

What do you think? Is Barack Obama the first Internet Presidential Candidate?

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