Mariano Rivera: The Best Reputation in the History of Baseball?

mariano rivera

What does it take to have the best reputation in baseball? A combination of professional skill, personal charisma, and off-the-field behavior that wins the love of the fans. Just ask Mariano Rivera, the pitcher who is wrapping up 19 years of working for the Yankees. Let's look at how he did it.

He's One of the Best

You can be the nicest guy in the world, but if you're not good at what you do, no one is going to throw you a parade when you retire. Rivera has saved at least 25 games in 15 seasons, and has a career ERA of 2.21 and a WHIP of 1.00. He's won tons of awards, including the American League (AL) Rolaids Relief Man Awards – five times. He was also in the top three for the Cy Young Award four times.

He's Humble – But Not Stupid

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Forbes puts it best:

"Rivera would likely be able to live with the reference – that his final year in Major League Baseball was his 'farewell tour' – yet, maybe not thrilled with the phrase. Throughout his Hall of Fame career he was always very low-key and was never one to overly commercialize himself or over-saturate his brand. In fact, Mariano Rivera would probably despise the idea that he is a brand. He was a pitcher, a dominant closer, first and foremost. But even those who are humble and unselfish must realize the value that their publicity rights possess. Brandon Steiner, a sports marketing and memorabilia expert helped the benevolent Rivera understand his worth and how he could finally exploit the value of his name, autograph and likeness for the benefit of others."

He Gave Back

Rivera used his image and publicity to raise funds for the Mariano Rivera Foundation.

"The focus now is family, community, faith – the church and [Rivera's] foundation over the past 5 years have become a much bigger priority and level of focus for him," Steiner told Forbes. "We were a little nervous because he is so low key, but it's been amazing to see the number of people reaching out and just wanting to make a donation. It is the highest level of respect that I've seen in a long time for a player."

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Bottom Line

Want a reputation like Rivera's? Combine hard work with good works – and make sure people know about it. Contact us today to see how we can help get the word out about your good deeds. Maybe you'll be the next Mariano Rivera of your industry.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

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