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3 Examples of Personal Branding for Actors

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Acting is a difficult job, and part of the hard work any actor does is creating a brand and making it something the public wants to see. The good news is that the Internet makes it simple to do this. Here are a few examples of actors who've built a personal brand and how they did it.


George Takei

George Takei is best known as Sulu on Star Trek, although he's worked steadily as an actor since then. He's also built a personal brand and a massive following not with Star Trek fans but simply by sharing. Takei's Facebook is incredibly popular, even among people who've never seen an episode of Star Trek or the plays he currently stars in, as Takei finds and shares an enormous number of images with his fans. The content ranges from images that pertain to Takei's political opinions to cat photos and fan images. It gives him both a distinct personal brand and an enormous marketing platform.

It helps that Takei is often very self-deprecating in his humor. Despite being in his seventies, he was happy to promote his play by strapping himself into a harness and pretending to be Spider-Man.


Will Sasso

Will Sasso is best known for his regular work on television on shows such as MadTV, and for his big-screen turn as Curly in "The Three Stooges". However, Sasso has built a brand as a comedian lately not through appearing in television episodes, or in movies, but in six second video clips.

Sasso regularly uses Vine, a social network to post his work as a comedian. For example, Sasso's brief clips featuring him driving while impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger have gone repeatedly viral. Other skits, such as Corey the College Student, are equally popular, and they're mixed in with Sasso's observations about his personal life and film sets. To boost his videos' popularity even further, Sasso often compiles the clips into YouTube collections, making them simple to share. The results are an incredibly popular comedy feed that draws fans and increases the awareness of his brand, while showing off his diversity as an actor.


Rainn Wilson

Wilson is, of course, Dwight Schrute on the incredibly popular sitcom "The Office." Wilson was faced early on with a difficult problem: How to avoid being typecast as the awkward and clueless guy?

Wilson did it through his Twitter feed. Using 140 characters at a time, Wilson has shown his diversity as a comedian, ranging from mocking oversensitive bloggers to teasing the French about their newfound helpfulness to observations on drinking fountains. In the process, he's collected millions of followers and made it clear that Schrute is a character, not Rainn Wilson.

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