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  • News and media articles
  • Images or videos
  • Blog postings
  • Competitor attacks
  • Regulatory or legal briefs
  • Press releases

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What kind of impression do your search results make?

Online reputation statistics you should know:

OVER 80% of reputation damage risks come from a mismatch between the buzz and the reality.
- Digimind

89% of users do not go past Page 1 for any given search.

78% of U.S. adults believe it is very important to look up info about people and/or businesses online before deciding to interact or do business with them.
- Harris Interactive

ReputationDefender®: proven, effective solutions that work across many industries






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The Reputation­Defender® process:

  1. We go over your goals and objectives together, developing an engagement strategy specific to your situation
  2. Our editorial team begins creating positive, truthful content about you
  3. You review all content we create and give the go-ahead for publication
  4. We strategically publish these new materials online and optimize them for maximum impact
  5. This ecosystem of positive content pushes up the search results you like
  6. Negative search results get demoted to lower positions where they’re less visible

Reputation­Defender® Pricing

Defender ® 3000Defender ® 5000Defender ® 7500Defender ® 10000Defender ® 15000
Personalized websites1820222638
Unique direct websites11122
Professional content1220354665
Price per year$3,000$5,000$7,500$10,000$15,000

All engagements include:

  • A team of Reputation Advisors
  • A unique publication strategy
  • Periodic status updates

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Custom solutions for delicate situations

If you are facing especially difficult reputation issues, a standard ReputationDefender® engagement may not be enough. That’s why we also offer custom, boutique solutions with a higher level of personalized attention and the technological support of our elite R&D team.

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