How we find & remove your info

Locate Your Info

Our team of experts scour the Internet to locate any site exposing your private data.

Have Data Removed

Our team of experts manually removes your personal information from offending sites.

Continual Monitoring

Your information will continue to resurface so we monitor & issue removal notices as needed.

Stop it now

Don’t let negative search results make a bad first impression

Why Reputation­Defender?

The Founders of Online Reputation Management

ReputationDefender's extensive expertise enables us to successfully handle any online reputation issue.

Proven Success for Over 10 Years

More individuals and businesses trust ReputationDefender to manage their online reputations.

20+ Awarded Patents

Our avanced tehcnology is the result of over $50 million in research and development.

Recognized Client Excellence

Our ReputationDefender® production is complemented by an award-winning customer service team.

What's our process?

Develop an engagement strategy specific to your situation
Create positive content about you
Strategically publish content online
Suppress negative search results
Expertly manage the process for optimal results.

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