Some issues require a custom solution.

That’s where ReputationDefender’s Elite team comes in.

We specialize in:

  • Runaway viral news
  • Attacks from global top 1000 websites
  • Public relations issues
  • High pageview volumes
  • Negative autocomplete suggestions
  • Threats to personal privacy
  • Corporate reputation management

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ReputationDefender® Elite is designed for individuals with prominent public personas—or for those who want to avoid developing one. We offer the most powerful reputation technologies available anywhere, paired with a team of highly trained, expert reputation managers.

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Why ReputationDefender® Elite?

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Comprehensive & long term

We work with you or your team to thoroughly understand the issues at hand, then conduct an in-depth analytical assessment. This allows us to develop a nuanced, tailor-made reputation management engagement designed for maximum speed, impact, and longevity.

Unsurpassed expertise

ReputationDefender® Elite is a separate department of ReputationDefender, run independently by an highly trained, special ops team. From start to finish, you work with the same tight-knit group of reputation experts.

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Cutting-edge technologies

Proprietary research backed by nearly a decade of real-world data underpins all Elite engagements. No one else has access to tools and techniques as powerful and fine-grained as those we use to control your online reputation.

Scope of solutions

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Search Results – Reorder your search results and modify autocomplete suggestions

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SEO consultation – Get the most mileage out of your existing Web properties

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Images & Video – Increase the prominence of preferred online media

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Analysis and reporting – Receive on-demand reporting and consultation for any type of reputation issue

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Privacy Protection – Purge personally identifiable information from Deep Web databases

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Strategic publication – Build a network of positive, quality content that reflects your true reputation

Client scenarios

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Brand defense

SCENARIO: Past mistakes by a previous executive team continue to dominate the search results, steering consumers to incorrect, outdated materials. In the news media, old issues continue to dominate, overshadowing recent successes. Hostile bloggers further highlight the negative.

SOLUTION: We use technological search tools to push down the old, outdated search results. At the same time, we push up more relevant, recent materials. In parallel, we conduct SEO work with the company and mount a strategic publication plan.


Executive being maligned

SCENARIO: A former lover with an axe to grind makes up scandalous allegations against a successful executive. Crude, doctored photographs begin to appear in the executive’s search results, which attract attention from bloggers and the media. As a result, a potential hire ceases negotiations and a prominent client suspends orders. In addition, threats are made anonymously against the executive’s family.

SOLUTION: We begin robust, Deep Web privacy monitoring and protection for the executive and affected family members. Search remediation technologies are used to suppress the doctored photos and negative press. Under advisement from the ReputationDefender® Elite team, the company’s PR department publishes strategic news releases to change the online conversation.

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Case Studies

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Financial services firm maligned

A team of entrepreneurial financial experts launched an innovative company that gives consumers more control over their credit. Unfortunately, just as the young company started to achieve its first successes, it was mischaracterized by the press.

The ReputationDefender® Elite team aggressively engaged the company’s search results, pushing all negative content off of Page 1 within 3 months.


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Defamed law practice

A law firm specializing in financial law was targeted by an online smear campaign, mounted by another firm facing bankruptcy. Although the targeted firm won legal relief from its attacker, negative third-party commentary continued to rank, leading to the loss of important clients.

We were able to suppress the firm’s negative content from the default Google results within six weeks, reversing the firm’s losses and allowing them to rebuild their client base unhindered.


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Philanthropist faces privacy and reputation threats

A prominent financier and philanthropist contacted us following a robbery in which his passport was stolen. The individual was disturbed that the thief had been able to track him down and break into his car. He was also worried that his search results painted a one-sided picture.

ReputationDefender® Elite removed his personal information from the vast majority of people search sites within 2 months and created the desired online image within 4 months.


To receive a customized assessment, contact us at 877-492-6707877-492-6707