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"I’m not an IT person nor do I have an IT person on my payroll but the whole experience was 'high-touch' as well as high-tech. I’ve been really pleased with the staff I worked with at ReputationDefender. They took time to understand my situation and I sensed that they really cared to solve my online reputation problems."—Jerry C.

"I’ve found that it's rare to find a company that delivers on what they say they will do. It's worked out 100%. ReputationDefender should be praised for designing solutions which are sorely needed in the marketplace to safeguard our personal safety and privacy."—Kip Jaros, CEO of eHospitality Institute

Dr. Kate, dentist

"ReputationDefender [had] a distinctive strategy to push that misleading link down in my Google search. I’ve been so impressed with the staff and most importantly with the speed of the results. This ordeal has made me a better dentist and business owner. My staff and I are more attuned to the needs of our customers and we really do go out of our way to make sure each customer is happy."

"My morning routine is sitting down with my cup of coffee and logging into ReputationDefender"

—Ed Witt, Witt Lincoln Dealership in San Diego—

Former ReputationDefender client Sue Scheff shares reputation management experiences

Sue Scheff, one of ReputationDefender’s first clients, has gone on to become an expert in digital safety and online bullying. She has since written several books, including Shame Nation, which features an account of her experiences with ReputationDefender.

She writes, “I have always said that my lawyer vindicated me in a court of law, when I won one of the first cases for Internet defamation in a jury trial—but it was ReputationDefender that cleared my name online.”

shame nation book cover