Social Media Management for Beauty Salons

Beauty salons can find social media to be a great way to reach out to good customers and future customers or they find themselves dealing with disgruntled customers and other problem. Here's what you need to know about beauty salon social media management.


Build Official Pages For Your Salon and Promote Them

The first step in your beauty salon social media strategy should be signing up for business pages on the more popular social networks. Instagram in particular will be important with its focus on images, but also Facebook and Twitter will be good sites to reach the most customers. Don't be shy about promoting your salon's social media presence. Put up flyers asking customers to follow your business, and be sure to mention it in advertising materials as well. You might offer a discount to new customers who "Like" your page or follow you. Saving money is an effective draw, especially on social media.


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Focus On Photos

Photography will be central to your beauty salon's social media marketing plan. You should always ask clients before taking a photo, of course, but you should take as many photos of your work to share as possible. You might consider adjusting the lighting in one area of your shop for "candid" shots of your best work, and keep a camera dedicated to the purpose in the shop.

Photos do show off your work, but they have a second and just as important purpose: It's a good way to turn customers into advocates. They're more likely to share the photos via their own social networks, thus spreading the word about your business, and, on a more subtle level, it's flattering to have a shop ask you to be a public representative of their work.


Update Regularly

It's important to stay on a schedule to keep your salon's social media pages updated. This both promotes your business by putting you on your follower's feeds and keeps your social media account active and relevant. If you keep updating, you'll find that people keep following.


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Be Available

Budget some time in your salon's social media marketing plan to reply to comments. Responding to comments and questions shows that you're paying attention and care what your customers think. While not every status post will draw a lot of comments, taking a moment to add the personal touch thanking somebody for their kind works about your business, or answering a question they might have about a product you've sold them, will often make all the difference.


Act Quickly to Stop Problems Before They Start

One downside of a beauty salon social media campaign is the fact that if an angry customer chooses to jump on your Facebook, it can get out of hand quickly. If you are faced with an angry customer, remember these crucial steps:

  • Be polite. No matter how hostile or abusive the customer, showing courtesy and manners will win people over.
  • Ask them to contact you privately to try and come to an accord if possible.
  • Remember that it's all right to say no if the situation warrants it. Demands may be unreasonable or problematic, and if you can't meet them, and they won't compromise, it'll all right to tell them that you've done what you can and walk away.
Is social media impacting your online reputation?We can help

ReputationDefender can help you build a beauty salon social media management strategy that works. Whether it's figuring out the intricacies of Twitter or making a bad review a PR positive, we'll make sure your business, and not just your customers, always looks its best.

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