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When you sign up with ReputationDefender, you get a lot more than access to our patented technology and tools. You also get a Reputation Advisor, a person who works with you through ReputationDefender. Who, precisely, is your Reputation Advisor, and what can they do for you?

Who Is Your Reputation Advisor?

Essentially, a Reputation Advisor is a personal point of contact between you and ReputationDefender. Reputations are not something we view as something that can be handled by a computer program or can be automated. Some information online may not bother one person, but trouble another very much. Your Reputation Advisor is the person who serves as that point of contact, that personal touch that lets you influence how you're viewed online.

Our Reputation Advisors are keenly aware of how serious reputation problems can become on the internet. All too often, the Internet is an echo chamber of perception; one sour note can ring and reverberate until it's deafening. Reputation Advisors are committed to this not happening.

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What Does A Reputation Advisor Do?

First, a reputation advisor will contact you about your personal or professional search results, and discuss what you like, what you don't like and any specific problems that you're currently dealing with, whether it's a bad review or an angry person who just cannot let an issue go. Or even worse, you may have no reputation whatsoever. No publicity means no business, and if you're not on the Internet, you may be missing out on clients or failing to make an impression on potential employers.

Then, they develop a comprehensive relationship strategy to address the problems and clean your search results. Sometimes that will involve bolstering content that's already available so that search engines are more likely to index it above negative press in their results. Sometimes that may involve building new content, like a professional presence online, or overhauling a social media presence to become more prominent.

No matter what, the Reputation Advisor will be there every step of the way, talking to you about your strategy and walking you through what they're doing. At every point, your Advisor makes sure that everything is fulfilling your reputation needs.


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Keeping Your Reputation Up

Reputations are like homes. They require maintenance on a regular basis. You may be uncertain of what you need to do, when you need to do it and, just as importantly, why you need to do it.

A Reputation Advisor will lay out a strategy for keeping your reputation up, step by step, on social media and via blogs. You'll know how to keep up your good reputation and be able to incorporate it into your day-to-day routine. Furthermore, your Reputation Advisor will help you to develop strategies to handle common reputation threats on the Internet, such as bad reviews or personal attacks.

Of course, your Advisor will always be there for extraordinary situations that may crop up. However, the key lesson they'll impart is how to handle yourself even in the worst situations. With a Relationship Advisor by your side, there's no reputation crisis you can't weather. Contact us to learn more.

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