What Is Business Reputation Management and Why Is It Important?

If you’re just starting out in business, the concept of “business reputation management” might seem a bit confusing. Isn’t that what your marketing department does for you? Isn’t building a good online business reputation about working hard for your customers and offering the best-quality products and services you can provide? Why do I need a reputation management agency?

Undeniably, doing well in your industry is a good way to build a positive business reputation online. But it’s really only a matter of time before you run into somebody, be they an angry customer, a disgruntled employee, or an Internet troublemaker colloquially referred to online as a “troll”, who wants to damage your reputation. And that’s where reputation management comes in.

What Is Business Reputation Management?

Essentially, reputation management is the monitoring of your online reputation as a brand or a business. Where a marketing department might raise awareness of your business and have customers think of you when they have need of what you do, a reputation management agency tells you where that awareness is going, and will help you stop negative attention before it “goes viral.”

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You may not think business image management is necessary for your company, but you’d be surprised. For example, a key area in reputation management is monitoring online reviews. A bad review that sits on a website can, over time, climb to the top of your search results online. That can ding your online reputation, eat into your customer base, and keep potential customers away from your business. And worse, you may never be aware of it, except by struggling with a drop-off in business you just can’t explain.

A good business image management agency will not only find bad reviews of your company, but help you deal with the problem. It will either remove them from the site if they’re rude, abusive, or part of a larger legal problem, or help you coordinate a response — whether it’s trying to make good on a customer’s genuinely difficult experience, or simply replying to the bad review in a professional manner.

What Should You Look For In A Business Image Management Agency?

So, how do you find a good agency? Look for the following signs:

  • Experience. Anybody can say they’re a business reputation management consultant, but very few have spent the time in the trenches to be effective. Online reputation management is something of a new field, but even so, some have more experience than others.
  • Reasonable expectations. A company that promises your Google results will magically change overnight probably won’t be effective. A company that promises long-term results and sets clear expectations likely will.
  • Strategies and software. Often, reputation management and monitoring is a multi-faceted process with multiple methods happening at once. Ask a company they manage tasks such as monitoring your reputation and collecting the information for analysis.

If you’re looking for a firm with the experience and talent to keep your business’s online reputation at its best, consider ReputationDefender. We’ll match you up with a reputation advisor, and use the strategy and tools we’ve developed over our years of experience to ensure you get the treatment you need. So, don’t leave your reputation in the hands of strangers online: Contact ReputationDefender today.

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