What’s Your Reputation Management Strategy?

Reputation management is a key part of living on the Internet, but most people don't have one beyond "Hope nobody every decides to say something bad about me online." That's not going to work for everyone, though, and you need to have a good reputation management strategy in place. Here's the foundation of one, and how you make it work.

Well-Considered, Relevant Content

Much of your reputation management plan starts with what's posted about you online. Most of us don't realize that a lot of what's said and found about us online is something we can directly control. But too many people assume it's as simple as putting out a "press release" and calling it a day.

Good content about you isn't just a puff piece. For example, if you were working to build yourself up within a certain industry, you'd sit down and write a few pieces about your approach to certain ideas or industry-relevant concepts. If you wanted to break into film, you'd write film reviews. If you want to be respected as a photographer, you'd post photos you've taken.

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Good content that reflects who you are and what you want to be is key to any image management strategy. Similarly, making sure that content is shared is important. But how do you do that?

Social Media And Networking

Just like in the day-to-day world, who you know can define you in ways you may not think about much, but can make a real difference. For example, building a professional web presence for yourself and developing an image management plan around it will involve building an equally professional social media presence where you share interesting links and content, and discuss it with others.

That's important not just because it helps establish your bona fides, but because it also ensures that your content is more highly ranked; search engines tend to view content that's highly viewed and highly shared as more "relevant" to your name than content that's less so. Over time, that ensures that what you have to say is more closely tied to your name than what others have to say about you. In other words, if you want to build your reputation with a reputation management strategy, it's important to build up your friend's list.

Monitoring Your Reputation

Finally, of course, there's what you do after you put in all this hard work; keeping an eye on how you're seen online.

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The truth is that more often that not, your Internet reputation can take a hit from something that happens out of nowhere. Somebody decides to have a little "fun" with you and suddenly you find yourself desperately in need of Internet reputation management. But by building a strong image management plan with strong content, with a strong social network behind it, and by monitoring your reputation online, you'll be better able to spot problems before they start, and to act before they can get any worse.

Building a reputation management plan can be intimidating, but at ReputationDefender, we've got the experience to help you build the strategy that makes sense for you. Take control of how you're seen online, with ReputationDefender.


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