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Since the advent of the World Wide Web, millions of people have turned to the Internet to share their lives, promote their businesses, and otherwise exchange information. This has led to a wealth of issues concerning privacy, as well the personal and professional reputations of people and businesses. For those concerned about taking control of their web presence, companies such as Repuation.com have begun offering web reputation services to not only repair and maintain online reputations, but also to stem the flow of information shared by data harvesters, information brokers, and other websites.

Reputation – Improve it.

Have you Googled yourself lately? What you find could surprise you.  Google’s secret and ever-evolving search algorithm ranks certain sites more highly than others – which means that without careful monitoring, negative comments, posts, pictures, and more from years past could resurface in your personal search results. Regardless of the accuracy of these negative results, people will see them and make judgments accordingly. ReputationDefender’s unique web reputation service ReputationDefender® works to suppress and combat inaccurate, misleading information while promoting positive, truthful information.

Similarly, ReputationDefender’s MyReputation® also improves one’s online reputation, except that this service works specifically to establish and maintain a professional online reputation. Creating a professional presence is important, particularly if you are looking to attract hiring managers or clients, both of whom may overlook you in favor of someone with more digital visibility.

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Privacy – Secure it.

You may not realize it, but a lot of your personal information is available for others to see on the Internet. In addition to basic information such as your full name, phone number, and address, facts about your annual income, relationships, and even legal issues are accessible to others. This data is sold by ad networks, information brokers, and more, causing increased instances of identity theft. To combat the staggering numbers (11 million people in the U.S. alone were affected in 2009), ReputationDefender created its groundbreaking web reputation service MyPrivacy®, which assists people in the removal of their sensitive information.

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