Top Five Steps to Build Your Online Brand

Build Your Online Brand & Protect Your Reputation


What do you have in common with Coca-Cola, Apple, the New York Times, and Best Buy?


A brand.


In the old days of the American West, a rancher would make his livestock known to everyone by “branding” his stock with a unique and often stylish design at the tip of a hot piece of iron. While you won’t find many hot branding irons in the head offices of mega-corporations, the idea of claiming one’s property with a unique mark has carried on in today’s business world.

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In business terms, a brand comprises all of the things that make up a company’s identity to customers, from its corporate logo to the names for its products. Because a strong brand is so important to a company’s reputation and success, executives take great pains to protect their brand from trademark infringement, negative publicity, and other common problems.

In the past 10 years, the concept of business branding has made the leap from the boardroom to the backyard, as more and more people are beginning to realize how important it is to build your online brand.

With high-powered search engines like Google and Bing, finding information about a potential job applicant, business partner, or date, is easier than ever. By applying the principles of business branding and online reputation management to yourself, you can make sure that your name looks good in search results.

This article will offer several tips for building a positive personal brand and protecting your personal reputation online.


Build your online brand by defining yourself

Who are you? What do you do? How do you want others to see you? These are questions that you must ask yourself when building your personal brand.

Generally, your online presence should represent a professional and thoughtful portrait of who you are. On your various social networking accounts, aim to provide content that demonstrates your intelligence, professional skills, and likeability.

For instance, if you are a real estate agent, your online brand should reflect how many years you’ve been certified, include testimonials from satisfied clients, and offer a way for someone to contact you for more information.

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Be proactive when using social media tools

It is imperative that you use social media tools proactively to help shape your online brand. Of course, social media tools are not all created equal. When signing up for a social media website, make sure that it offers some kind of value for you, either as a networking tool or as a place to share a concise professional biography.

Check out this article from the ReputationDefender Resource Center to learn about the three social networking websites you need to protect your online reputation.


Offer compelling and quality online content

When you have established how you want to appear online, and signed up for the appropriate websites to premiere your personal branding campaign, focus on delivering consistently quality content.

The Web is full to the brim of boring, spammy, and otherwise nonsensical content. That’s why whatever you decide to share about yourself online needs to be engaging. Additionally, you should optimize the content you share online for search engines. If you’re writing brilliant blog posts, or sharing the world’s wittiest status updates, it doesn’t do any good if nobody can find it.

ReputationDefender’s ReputationDefender service specializes in creating compelling content that is quickly and efficiently indexed by search engines. For more information about ReputationDefender, contact ReputationDefender via this online contact form.

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Protect yourself from social media online brand hijackers

Your online brand should be yours and yours alone. That’s why it is so important to protect yourself from social media hijackers. There have been numerous instances where individuals and businesses have seen their online reputations ruined because someone posted inappropriate content under their name. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, focus on claiming as much of your digital real estate as possible.

ReputationDefender offers a tool called NameGrab, which allows you to claim your preferred username on dozens of websites. Even if you don’t actively use all of the websites that NameGrab claims, it is important to at least have a foothold there to prevent others from using it to damage your reputation.


Live and breathe as you build your online brand

Building a powerful personal brand online requires long-term efforts. It’s not something that can be accomplished overnight. That’s why it is important to take time everyday to add fresh content to your social networking accounts, build out your professional network, and scan the Web for references to your name.

Imagine that your personal brand is another version of you, because, in effect, it is. If you don’t feed and nurture it, it will die.

As mentioned earlier in this article, ReputationDefender offers an array of tools that can help you build and manage your online reputation. For more information about ReputationDefender’s products, visit ReputationDefender. For tips on personal branding and online reputation management, check out the ReputationDefender Resource Center.

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