Reputation Remediation Program

Reputation Remediation Program
Your Thursday night begins the same as any other: get off from work at 5:00, meet up with friends for dinner and a drink at 6:00, then home for rest and relaxation. As you get ready for work the next morning, you get a call from the boss. You're fired, and when you ask why, he points to the picture of you raising an alcoholic beverage for a toast.
Depending on your occupation, one innocent picture snapped with a smartphone camera could be enough to terminate your employment, spark rumors of your sobriety, and send your online reputation up in flames. ReputationDefender®, a reputation remediation program offered by ReputationDefender, can help. Here's how it works.
Bury Bad Search Results
For better or worse, everyone from employers to your high school buddies to dear old Aunt Edna use search engines like Google to look up information, and what they read on the computer, they tend to believe. A reputation remediation program like ReputationDefender® targets negative search engine results, and while content can never be deleted, it can be pushed far enough down the list that no one will likely ever see it.
Putting Your Best Face Forward
The ReputationDefender® is like a photographer that knows how to set your lighting just right. The reputation remediation program works to pull your positive search results right up to the top of the list for everyone to see.
Strutting Your Stuff
Because all the positive results ReputationDefender® prioritizes are based on fact, prospective employers will learn all your best skills and knowledge, greatly increasing your odds of landing that dream job–or that dream date.
Act Now
The longer negative results hover at the top of Google and other search engines, the bigger the impact to your reputation. Visit to learn more about ReputationDefender® and many other reputation remediation program options.

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