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How to Protect Your Reputation Online

You may already need to protect your reputation online without knowing it. The internet possesses an extremely long memory. Any and all information about you on the internet forms the basis of your online reputation.  Do you know what’s there? In order to protect your reputation on the internet, you first need gain control of that information.

Protect Your Reputation Online:  Find.  Fix. Frame.

Find.  Begin the process necessary to protect your reputation by finding out what you look like online.  Google your first and last name to see what information comes up.  Remember to use the image search as well.  You should also review sites you visit regularly, especially those that require you to supply personal information.  Seeing the way you appear to those searching for you may prove to be an eye opening experience indeed.

Fix.  Taking steps to fix lapses in judgment provides a second strategy necessary to protect your reputation on the internet.  People sometimes make the mistake of relating to the internet as if it were their own private domain.  The truth is actually the opposite.  Instead of letting your hair down, the internet should be a place where you are always on your best behavior.  If you are in the habit of posting information, opinions, and photos indiscriminately, now is the time to stop.

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Frame. Since the internet serves as a reflection of what you (and others) put in there, frame your personal story the way you want it to appear. If you want to protect your reputation for the future, start placing beneficial information in there now.  Before posting, ask how what you are about to do will reflect on your reputation a year, five years, or even ten years from now.

If Necessary, Seek Professional Assistance

Some people may have a general sense of what they need to do, but lack the time or training to put it into place.  In such cases, offers a one-stop address to protect your reputation online and keep it protected.  As a pioneering company in this field, ReputationDefender offers a range of strategies based on the particular needs of each client.


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