Personal Branding Examples


Robert Van Winkle Changes His Personal Brand

You might know Robert better by his stage name: Vanilla Ice. Van Winkle's example of personal rebranding is fairly drastic as these things go, but highly successful, too. As his music career began to fade, Van Winkle discovered that he had another talent: Buying, remodeling and reselling luxury homes. This is now his primary business.

Van Winkle built his current brand because he isn't shy about using his previous career, and acknowledging previous mistakes, to support his current endeavors. Instead of pretending that his one-hit wonder status never happened or is best forgotten about, he's happily embraced it and used it to leverage his current work.

What We Can Learn From This Branding Example: Mistakes happen and, while they can be minimized, they don't have to be damaging to your brand. They can open doors to new opportunities if you approach them correctly.


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Kim Kardashian Builds A Brand Out Of Negative Publicity

Kardashian has long been a “love it or hate it” personality; some cling to her every move while others wish she would just go away. However, there's no denying that she's turned fifteen minutes of fame into a branding empire. It's easy to forget Kardashian's career started on an extremely low note when a personal video tape of hers was leaked to the Internet, and that doesn't seem to be a great demonstration of personal branding.

Kardashian, however, has harnessed that negative publicity into a wider career, largely thanks to social media, keeping her in constant contact with her fans. She has also built a brand because she's not afraid of negative publicity; it's very common for Kardashian to field insults ranging from lengthy magazine articles questioning her value as a role model to crude insults hurled at her on Twitter. It's not a path for everyone, but it's undeniably a brand she's built from scratch.

What We Can Learn: Dealing with bad publicity carefully is just as important to your brand as bolstering the good news.


Every brand is important.
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Steve Harvey Builds A New Brand Off His Old One

Harvey has a popular talk show and is an equally popular self-help author, and those unfamiliar with his career might think that he's always been in that field. However, Harvey started as a stand-up comedian, slowly working his way up from the clubs in 1985 to his current career. Harvey changed his brand by mixing personal advice in with his humor, ensuring that people enjoyed what he was saying (and hearing what they needed to hear).

Harvey is a great example of a personal brand was built because he chose a specific audience, women, and pursued them directly. Harvey is focused on appealing to women in his work and it's been rewarding.

What We Can Learn: Choose an audience and stick with it. You can't build a brand for everybody, so build a brand for the customers you most want to work with.

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