Online Reputation Management versus Search Engine Optimization

Online Reputation Management vs. Search Engine Optimization

Long before the World Wide Web, businesses were run based on a common code of ethics. If your customer had an issue with you, you dealt with it face to face, shook hands, and generally had a positive outcome. With the advent of the Web, you have a global audience for your products.

Although the Internet and websites are good for business, they come with their fair share of headaches. These days if someone is upset with you or your customer service, they logon to the World Wide Web. In the span of 10 minutes, your unhappy customer can tell thousands of people about you via a complaints or consumer reports website. Your Internet reputation can be shattered by one simple post.

Rather than sit by and wait for negative feedback, more and more people are turning to online reputation management. You may believe that Internet reputation management and search engine optimization are one in the same, yet the differences between the two practices are vast.

In order to make the smartest choices for maintaining your positive Internet reputation, you need to be aware of the distinct differences and use this knowledge to your advantage. This article will explain the difference of online reputation management versus search engine optimization.


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Smart business owners are well aware of search engine optimization. SEO has been around since the mid 1990’s, and the methods of optimizing your website have changed drastically. At that time, it was simple to use basic SEO practices to have your site indexed by search engine spiders. Most of the practices that could be used in the 90’s are now considered to be part of what is called Black Hat SEO.

Black hat SEO is a term that was coined to cover unethical SEO practices such as keyword stuffing or meta tag stuffing. Check out this article from the ReputationDefender Resource Center for more Black Hat SEO techniques and why your online reputation is too important to use them.

Although Black Hat practices may increase your website’s profile temporarily, search engines have become well aware of these practices and occasionally put websites that use these techniques on the black list. Unfortunately, many business owners spend time utilizing unethical SEO practices that only work in the short term and can have long term consequences for their business reputation management.

In terms of optimizing, White Hat SEO techniques are the best practices you can utilize to make your website search engine friendly.  Posting your content on high page rank web sites or blogs, as well as writing clean content for your website are among the many White Hat SEO techniques you can employ to raise your website’s profile. Although these practices are good to use, they don’t replace online reputation management.

Protect your online reputation by understanding the difference of online reputation management versus search engine optimization.

SEO and online reputation management have been used interchangeably, yet they are not one in the same. In actuality, there are two distinct differences:

  • SEO techniques drive negative search engine results down the page, whereas online reputation management monitors and controls the top spots.
  • SEO focuses on search engines, whereas Internet reputation management focuses on the business or person

You can guarantee that many of your customers will search for your business reputation prior to purchasing your products or using your service. Business owners that do not practice online reputation management often happen upon negative feedback by chance. They may have been searching their business name on Google and come up with negative results, which puts them into a flurry of panic. SEO techniques are then used to drive these negative results down the first page or two of search engine results. Although SEO techniques will move the negative results, they will still appear in the results of search engines.

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In contrast, when a company practices corporate reputation management, these negative results never see the top of the page or may not appear in search engines at all. This is because companies such as ReputationDefender monitor and control your name as it appears in the top spots of the search engines. Negative results have a much more difficult time of gaining traction when you focus on online reputation management.

SEO caters to search engines, and the techniques used are to attract robots, spiders, and links to other websites. The targeted outcome of SEO is for search engines to broadcast your business name across the Web.

Internet reputation management focuses on the person or business that is seeking to manage reputation. Building user profiles on social networking websites or creating a blog and frequently updating it are examples of managing your online reputation. Rather than have the business wait for the negative, the focus is always on building a consistent, positive online reputation. With online reputation management, if negative results do show up in top spots, techniques can be used to remove those results much faster than simple SEO.

Online reputation management maintains a positive flow of information directly aimed at the areas where your customers will be searching. A reputation management company will always keep the focus on you and your evolving profile. At the same time, a business reputation management company will monitor the deep Web for any negative feedback and use their expertise to combat it.

Reputation management requires a proactive approach, and ReputationDefender is your best option for help along the way. The ReputationDefender package controls your image and keeps your online reputation intact.  Understanding online reputation management versus search engine optimization helps equip you for a more holistic understanding of your online presence.

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