Online Reputation Management Software: How It Works

Managing your online reputation has become crucial for people and businesses alike. Angry blog posts, dissatisfied reviews, personal attacks…all of them are now more public than ever. Search engines find them, index them, make them available, and aren't under any obligation to verify the accuracy of the information they post. Even if you have done nothing wrong, you can still be smeared in seconds on the Internet.

Reputation management software can help. But what does it do? How does it work? And what will it cost? As ReputationDefender leads the field in reputation defense and repair products with twenty patents pending, here's a look at what our image management software does for private persons and businesses alike.


Step 1: Measuring The Damage

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Much of that work that will have to be done, and consequently how much a full repair of your reputation will cost is determined by looking at how bad your reputation is in the first place. If, for example, there's only one or two bad links about you floating in a sea of positive results, it's relatively simple for reputation control software to push those results down in the rankings. However, if the majority of the links about you online are negative, then there's some real work that has to be done.


Step 2: Choosing Your Positive Content

Next, you have to decide what you want the Internet to see. For example, if you're heavily involved in charity work, online reputation software can be used to emphasize your good works. If you've had substantial business success, you can bring that to the fore. It's worth noting that this needs to be based in reality and work that you're actually doing, otherwise you'll get more problems than help with reputation issues in the long run. Also, the more results you want to be pushed down in the rankings, the more content about yourself that you'll need.


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Step 3: Implementing The Changes

The next step for online image management software is to boost the content in search engine rankings. The higher your positive content ranks, the lower negative content will be, with the goal being to push it out of your top page of search results. Search engines keep their algorithms closely guarded secrets, so this is very much about hard, honest work including creating the page, having friends, business partners and family link to your page, sharing the page on your social media presence to get more attention, and generally getting your positive self out there for the reputation management software to bolster.


Step 4: Monitoring For Problems

Realistically, most of the time negative content is not the result of a smear campaign or somebody being "out to get you." People rarely check how high their bad review of your business appears on search rankings. Nonetheless, reputation monitoring software is important; it both gives you a sense of how your reputation change is working and helps you intercept problems like bad reviews before they damage your online reputation all over again.

If it sounds like fixing your reputation is hard work, it is. But it's worth it; it means an easier time finding jobs and clients, a better personal life, and more time spent on what you want to do, not fighting smears to your character. Build a better reputation and keep an eye on how you're seen with ReputationDefender.

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