CEO Reputation Management

CEO Reputation Management

The image a corporation projects to consumers, investors, and employees hinges on a number of deciding factors, one of the most important being the reputation of the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

What Shapes a CEO’s Reputation?

A favorable reputation for a CEO depends on his or her commitment to the following practices:

  • Looking ahead
  • Emphasizing value
  • Focusing on people rather than just numbers
  • Developing positive corporate citizenship
  • Consistently achieving positive business results
  • Maintaining a consistent commitment to moral leadership

These factors are essential both inside and outside the company. When customers and clients believe that a CEO puts the interests of customers and the company ahead of personal gain, they are more likely to do business with that company. When employees know what their CEO stands for, they can see the big picture and believe they are helping create it.


Google & Other Search Engines Are Now Your Reputation – Do You Control Them?

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ReputationDefender has recognized that CEO’s rely heavily on their online reputation and after consulting with many experts from around the world, have developed services and tools to assist in monitoring, building and defending your online reputation.  As you’ll see below we’ve laid out some of the first steps for improving and maintaining your current online reputation situation, however we also realize that in many situations that the strategy & techniques required to control your search results is beyond the ability of most individuals.  To this end ReputationDefender has developed ReputationDefender® and Reputation for Business, two services that can a help you build, improve or repair your online presence.


Business | Defender

ReputationDefender® is a very specific service that is not recommended (or needed) by most individuals and businesses.  Defender has been specifically designed for any individual or business that’s reputation has been tarnished online through blogs, articles, and review sites by disgruntled clients, enraged friends, or former employees etc.  Unfortunately under the law it is virtually impossible to have a court order the removal of online content, however it can be suppressed through techniques that we’ve perfected though $40+ million in research and development here at ReputationDefender.  Essentially anyone that Google’s you or your business won’t look past the first couple pages of search engine results, and if all they find are positive articles, reviews, bio’s and other sites then the negative material is substantially mitigated and your reputation will reflect positively on you.

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The Importance of CEO Reputation Management

In today’s world, where information spreads instantly and people are more connected than ever, researchers are seeing an increasing convergence of corporate reputation and brand. In other words, a company’s CEO reputation is more important than ever, if only because information on CEOs is so much easier to find than it once was. A 2011 study by Weber Shandwick identified six “new realities” of corporate reputation:

  1. Corporate brands are as important as product brands.
  2. A positive corporate reputation increases a sense of product quality.
  3. Consumers react decisively when there is a schism between corporate and product reputation.
  4. Both products and corporate reputation drive discussion.
  5. Consumers influence reputation more than before due to shared information.
  6. Corporate reputation and company market value are strongly linked.
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How a CEO’s Reputation Can Be Damaged Online

Anyone with an understanding of search engine optimization can cause serious damage to a CEO’s reputation online, and they can do it quickly. Angry or disgruntled customers are more likely to post negative reviews online than satisfied ones. Review sites can be used to harm competitors or get revenge on companies the reviewer (or competitor) doesn’t like. News media coverage of CEOs can also have a devastating effect on CEO reputation.

Another danger is the public posting of the CEO’s personal information, such as where he or she lives, where his or her children attend school, and other information that could be dangerous in the hands of a criminal. To repair CEO reputation online can be expensive — and in some cases, harm to a CEO’s reputation can be irreversible.


Repair CEO Reputation After Damaging Online Information: A 3-Step Process

  1. If you online reputation is under attack it’s imperative that you act quickly and appropriately.  Before you do anything talk to a online reputation management professional.
  1. As part of the process to repair CEO reputation, it’s essential that you involve the company that you work for when forming the response strategy.
  1. Once you have a strategy in place, you can turn you attention to implementing each part of it in an expedite manner.


Have questions about online reputation management? Talk to an expert

Manage CEO Reputation Proactively: 3-Step Process

  • The first step in proactively managing your online reputation is to create a steady stream of factual, positive information about yourself and your business. This can be done with press releases or with a well-maintained company blog. Consistently providing positive information and using basic search engine optimization techniques increase the chances of keeping damaging information off the first page of search engine results on your name or your company name.
  • The second step is getting involved in social networking. When your business has a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, you have five highly-trafficked social media communities with which to build a connection with your customers and share positive news, such as information on new products, sales, and promotions.
  • The third step is to claim as much relevant digital “turf” as possible. This means claiming your business’s (or your personal) username on as many websites as possible. Even if you don’t use them, you prevent malicious people from claiming your username and spreading false or damaging information. Staking out as many domain names related to you personally or your company is also a highly worthwhile investment. Even if you don’t use the domains, you prevent those who want to harm your business from doing so.


The Best Defense Is Always A Good Offense

While it’s often the case that you realize that your online reputation requires tending after a problematic situation – we the recommended approach is to be proactive and act before a situation arises.  Through proactive CEO reputation management and by building a positive defense the disruption caused to you or the company your associated with will be significantly mitigated.  ReputationDefender is always willing to offer some advice or help you out with your situation – call or email us anytime and we’ll put you directly in touch one our reputation specialists in the Bay Area.

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