CEO Internet Reputation Management


CEO Internet Reputation Management


With the explosion of Internet use and social media, enterprises of all types must concern themselves with CEO Internet reputation management. CEOs and other C-level executives must be educated on the risks involved in using the Internet. In addition, businesses should initiate an aggressive CEO Internet reputation management strategy.

By now, most business professionals are aware that complete anonymity on the Internet is extremely difficult to accomplish, and so are appropriately circumspect in their recreational websurfing. Likewise, a decade of horror stories about identity theft has taught the importance of safeguarding one’s financial information.

Far less attention is paid, though, to CEO Internet reputation management as a strategy for combatting identity theft for the purpose of maligning a CEO’s online reputation. Many social media, for instance, perform little or no due diligence respective of new members. Thus, while a CEO’s financial identity may be well-protected, few obstacles exist to prevent someone from opening a social media account in the CEO’s name. When that happens, and a malicious user begins creating posts from the account, the potential for damage to the CEO’s company increases dramatically.

Damage can also be done to a CEO’s reputation, and thus to the company, by disgruntled customers, employees both former and current, and others with an axe to grind. Negative comments, whether on consumer-oriented sites like Angie’s List or on blogs and social media like Twitter and Facebook, can also damage a CEO’s online reputation, and thus the company’s. A comprehensive program of CEO Internet reputation management will alert appropriate personnel when a problem occurs and trigger a response.

Assigning company personnel to take on the task of CEO Internet reputation management is impractical. When a malicious attack does take place, it may take several people hours or days to bring it under control; at other times, the daily activity may be limited to simple monitoring. Dedicated CEO Internet online reputation management enterprises, like ReputationDefender, can take advantage of economies of scale to monitor the online reputations of thousands of key individuals, bringing massive resources to bear whenever malicious attacks on any of their online reputations are detected.

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