Bad Reputation Online

Do You Have a Bad Reputation Online?

Have you typed your name into the Google search engine lately? If not, there’s never been a better time to do so. You might be surprised by what you find. You might discover that you have a bad reputation online. If you are less than satisfied with the information that pops up when you google yourself, don't panic. The online image management specialists at ReputationDefender stand ready to help.

We all know that reputations matter. A good reputation opens doors, both professionally and personally. Are you positioning yourself for a promotion? Perhaps you’re preparing to further your education by gaining entrance into a great school. Maybe you’re building an Internet dating profile or promoting a business endeavor.

Regardless of your personal goals, remember that you hold full responsibility for how the world perceives you, especially if you have a bad reputation online. Understanding the basics about online reputation management (ORM) provides you with a considerable advantage when it comes to pursuing your dreams. You work hard to present yourself in the best possible light to employers, coworkers, and new acquaintances. Don't let a bad reputation online hold you back.

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Google utilizes a highly advanced system to organize and filter information onto the web. When someone implements a search with your name as the keyword, Google’s technology groups together all content associated with your name, including glowing performance reviews, professional awards and recognitions, and professional or academic resumes.

Unfortunately, the Google search engine lacks the ability to differentiate between positive and negative content. This means that embarrassing photographs posted to Facebook or unflattering reviews of your business written by a dissatisfied customer often rank at the same level as the accolades you want people to see.

This info never disappears, although it can be suppressed with the help of an experienced ORM specialist. Visit today to learn more about combating a bad reputation online. 

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