The 3 Most Important Times of the Year for Furniture Store Marketing

If you've got a furniture store, you know that it can be a surprisingly seasonal business in some respects, and you might not be sure when you should focus your time on raising awareness and when you should hold off. However, there are a few times of the year to put your furniture small business marketing to work, especially these three.

1. Tax Season Is Furniture Store Marketing Season

Income tax season is generally one of the best times for any business to market themselves, but especially furniture stores. Most of the year, potential customers are focused on their budgets; but at tax time, most of them are considering how to spend their windfall courtesy of their tax return. Furniture is, of course, a big-ticket item, and if the couch is looking worn out or the bed is making them wake up with back pain, some furniture store small business marketing for your store and its best values can bring in customers looking to treat themselves with their return to some nicer furniture.

2. Black Friday Is A Furniture Advertising Holiday

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While many of the urban legends about Black Friday are of… questionable accuracy, there is no denying that Black Friday is a major shopping holiday for many people. If shoppers aren't out looking for gifts for their family, they're out looking for deals for themselves.

Needless to say, this offers a prime opportunity for effective furniture store marketing. Customers will be thinking about making big purchases and looking into the kind of gifts that they wouldn't normally be in the market for. And similarly, if you can appeal to the nature of bargain hunters who want a good deal, you'd be surprised how much furniture can go out the door.

To take the most advantage, look for doorbusters that will stand out, and ensure that customers who miss that item will have plenty to consider otherwise, through discounts and other stock. With a little persistence, Black Friday can be Green Friday for many furniture stores.

3. Christmas Is The Season For Furniture Store Marketing

Finally, there's the biggest holiday of the year. While it's true that not many people try to shove a sofa under the tree over the holidays, furniture can be a popular gift. Again, people are thinking about their sore backs from the couch they dragged off the curb in college, or the creaking they hear from the recliner they got far too many years ago.

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Christmas shoppers are focused on comfort more than utility, so promote items that are a bit more indulgent and a bit more gift like for customers during this time. And be sure to emphasize your sales and the deals customers can get on your furniture; Christmas shoppers reliably love a sale.

Remember, though, that marketing your business is a year-round endeavor, and that part of furniture small business marketing is ensuring you properly manage your online reputation. If you need help with reputation management for your furniture store, contact ReputationDefender. We'll teach you how to find and react to negative comments about your business, whether it's confronting an unfair review or reaching out to a customer to try and make a problem right. Keep your furniture store's reputation spotless with ReputationDefender.


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