Tim Ferriss on Personal Branding

Author Tim Ferriss, who penned a book we love, The 4-Hour Work Week, weighs in on personal branding via his blog and mentions ReputationDefender:

“Get Google insurance:

Register the URLs for your name and variants, and consider creating a blog. The objective here is to own the first 1-5 results that appear on search engines if someone searches your name. I don’t think most people should be bloggers, but having a Google-friendly and SEO-rich blog platform like WordPress or TypePad that is updated even twice per month as an online journal is worth the investment for having first say in your image. This recommendation comes from Mike Fertik, CEO of the much-buzzed ReputationDefender.”

Indeed, personal publishing platforms like these can used as a simple means to gain larger ownership of one’s online identity, provided the domain ties itself closely to one’s proper name. As an added benefit, many individuals find that once they begin personal publishing or blogging, they tend to enjoy themselves and find it self-fulfilling.

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Ferriss has more stellar personal branding tips elsewhere on his blog. Check out the rest of the entry; it’s well worth your time.

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