The 5 Pro Teams Whose Fans Have the Best Reputations


1. St. Louis Cardinals

The Guardian recently deemed Cards' fans the nicest fans in baseball, and who could dispute it? Just look at their quote from Toby Eckert, former resident of Illinois and still Cardinals fan:

"I think [the Cardinals fans] characterize themselves as very loyal, very knowledgeable about the game overall and appreciative of the game, and good sports. I've been at Cardinals games where if the opposing team makes a good play people will clap or if somebody, a former Cardinals player from out of town comes back they'll get ovations. You don't see that in a lot of places."

2. The Boston Red Sox

OK, Sox fans aren't exactly known for being nice. But they are passionate. The internet reverberates with their howls of dismay, both at their own players and at umpires and fans of opposing teams. In 2010, Forbes even named them "America's Best Sports Fans":

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"They stayed true throughout an epic dry spell, when the Sox went 86 years without winning a World Series — and when the team finally broke that drought in 2004, they grew even more fanatic. Today, the team is No. 2 in MLB merchandise sales (behind their hated rivals, the New York Yankees). And members of 'Red Sox Nation' are so devoted, they top our list of 'America's Best Sports Fans.'"

3. Green Bay Packers

Would you wear a foam-rubber cheese on your head to demonstrate your devotion to your favorite team? If you answered, yes, then you are almost certainly a fan of the Green Bay Packers, who are, as Yahoo Sports put it, in "a whole different universe" from most football fans.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers tied for first with the Packers for best fans in the NFL, according to ESPN's recent poll. Factors included such important areas as "tailgate parties."

"People save up all year and then plan their vacations around traveling to Steelers games," Bill Hillgrove, the team's radio play-by-play announcer, told ESPN. "When you arrive at the team hotel, the fans are all waiting in the lobby."

5. All New York Teams

The tri-state area has nine, count 'em, nine professional sports franchises, and all of them have rabidly-devoted fanbases. USA Today recently ran an article called "20 Reasons New York Is the Best Sports City in the World," including its high concentration of celebrity sports fans. (We're looking at you, Jay-Z.)

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