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Common Privacy Threats

Executives targeted by cybercriminals and phishing scams

Hackers often turn to a company’s executives when planning an attack, because they can use personal information from the executive to break into the IT system. ExecutivePrivacy makes this much harder to do.

Stalkers and disgruntled acquaintances use personal info to find you

Criminals often go after the people who put them away, sometimes even targeting family members. ExecutivePrivacy hides your personal information and makes it harder for them to find your family.

Exposed personal information makes identity theft possible

Personal information is easy to find on the internet. Directories, reverse look-ups, and many other services make it their business to uncover and give access to individuals’ personal data, creating a bonanza for identity thieves.

Your Personal Information Is Exposed On The Internet

9 out of 10 Americans' personal information can easily be found on the internet. ReputationDefender's® ExecutivePrivacy service locates and removes your private data.


There are more than 50 prominent websites where your personal information is most likely exposed.

We remove your information from many websites

We remove your information from many websites

There are more than 50 prominent websites where your personal information is most likely exposed.


We find and remove your unsecured information

A typical ExecutivePrivacy audit uncovers over 300 elements of personal information per person scattered across the publicly accessible Internet.


ExecutivePrivacy - Key Features And How It Works

Scan and locate data

Regular privacy scans scour the internet for any exposed data, conducting searches and reviewing hundreds of sites. Once located, any personal information is flagged for immediate removal.

Remove your data

We periodically check the status of all removals and purge any new records found. We search for new sources of personal information that require removal.

Ongoing Surveillance

You’ll receive regular reports on your privacy status and any outstanding threats. If new records become associated with you, we send you an alert.

Detailed Reporting

We purge personal data from dozens of online sources, using automated and manual methods. A privacy expert oversees removals and handles any custom requests.

Privacy Concierge

Your privacy is personal. That means the best technology. It also means individual attention and a human touch. Our Privacy Concierge is always available for questions, concerns, and custom requests.


Did you know that hackers can easily find the answers to the vast majority of common security questions online? ExecutivePrivacy cuts off many of these information sources, making your systems much more secure.

How hackers bypass security questions


Why online privacy matters

The IRS estimates identity theft led to $21 billion in fraudulent refunds in 2016.

Cybercriminals steal billions from Americans every year.

A typical corporate data breach generated an average loss of $4 million in 2016.

Nearly one in two companies suffers a data breach annually.


A prominent financier and philanthropist contacted us following a robbery that targeted him specifically – easier targets on the same block were bypassed, indicating the robber knew exactly who he was attacking. The individual was disturbed at how easily the crook had been able to track him down. If a common thief could access and use his personal data, what would more sophisticated criminals be able to do?

Philanthropist faces privacy and reputation threats

ReputationDefender® removed my personal information from the vast majority of people search search sites within 2 months.

ExecutivePrivacy strengthens your cybersecurity

Reduces physical threats

ExecutivePrivacy clients appreciate knowing that we remove their physical addresses from online records, making it that much harder for stalkers or disgruntled individuals to find them at home.

We remove names, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers and other personal details commonly used to guess the answers to security questions or customize spear-phishing attacks. We also make you aware of potential social engineering approaches attackers might attempt.

Thwarts social engineering

Can you be sure your executives don’t use the same passwords for personal and work email? That they never do business from personal devices? ExecutivePrivacy protects at the level of the individual, defending you against security vulnerabilities that start with personal IT.

Protects personal IT

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A typical ExecutivePrivacy audit uncovers over 300 elements of personal information per person scattered across the publicly accessible Internet.


We find & remove your unsecured information

Breaches in online privacy cost the economy billions. A breach in your privacy could cost you everything. Don't be a statistic. Protect yourself today.

If your personal information is exposed on the internet, it's time to to protect yourself. Remove your info and take control.

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