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Social Media 101 for Home Improvement Companies

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It can be difficult for a contractor to see what he can get out of sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sure, every business magazine recommends everyone get on social media, but how do you apply it to the home improvement business? How do you use it to market yourself and get more business? Here's an overview of home improvement social media management and how it's useful for any home improvement business.


Home Improvement Social Media Strategy Makes You More Than Just a Number and a Name

Most people, when looking for contractors, go straight to the phone book or use a search engine to find contractors and home improvement businesses near them. However, if instead of finding just a generic information dump, they find your home improvement social media presence, they can learn much more about what you do, how you get it done and what they can expect if they hire you.

They can also see satisfied customers weighing in with their opinions, and that's always a positive for new customers.


Home Improvement Social Media Management Puts You In Touch with Your Customers

A well-designed contractor social media strategy allows you to interact directly with customers, answering questions and offering perspectives. While you probably shouldn't do an estimate over Facebook, it will allow you to talk to customers about their possible needs. Happy customers can come talk to you about how much they've enjoyed your work.


Contractor Social Media Management Helps You Demonstrate the Quality of Your Work

Social media makes it simple to put video materials and photographs in one place. A common and useful way to show off your skill is to post before and after photos of your work. You can also use social media to discuss common problems homeowners might run into during the seasons, or discuss the benefits and drawbacks of different materials. Social media allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and skill in home improvement.


Social Media Gives You A Platform To Respond

It's not uncommon for an angry customer to decide to take to review sites or your social media presence to try and embarrass you. However, with social media, you get a place to respond. You can calm down an angry customer if they're reasonable and negotiate a reasonable compromise. If they refuse, or are trying to get something out of you, you have a place to reply reasonably, politely, and calmly.

Similarly, your contractor social media presence means that when people search for your company, your social media and website will be closer to the top instead of bad reviews. This leads to the most important use of social media of all.


Social Media Helps You Control How Your Business is Seen

With an official social media presence, you have more control. Your reputation isn't left to angry people online, but to you. It's a way to keep your business in people's minds and away from those who want to wreck it.

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