5 Tools Every Restaurant Should Get From Social Media Monitoring Companies

Restaurants already know how to market. They may have a commercial on TV or banners up around town. These are all effective marketing tools but with the help of social media monitoring companies even more can be accomplished. Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts can provide even more ways for a restaurant to market to their target demographic.

Here are 5 tools social media monitoring companies can offer restaurants:

1. Facebook account. It’s a free account that allows the restaurant to create a profile. It also allows them to access various other social media marketing tools, such as Facebook marketing.

2. Twitter account. This is also free and will allow a restaurant to tweet about what’s going on within their restaurant. Learning about hash tags can also make them more searchable.

3. Monitoring tools. ReputationDefender offers social network alerts to learn the sentiment of a particular comment online. This will help a restaurant learn what they need to do in order to win over the community.

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4. Foursquare sticker. Foursquare is being used by many people on their mobile devices to rate restaurants and other places. By registering a restaurant, there’s a sticker that can be sent out and placed on the door of the restaurant to gain more attention.

5. Auto feeders. By getting all feeds from all social networks in one dashboard, it’s easy for a restaurant to know what’s going on at all times. They can find out what’s being tweeted, what’s on their Facebook wall and more.

Every restaurant needs the help of social media monitoring companies to succeed. Many of the tools are free, allowing a business to market without spending any money.

While some demographics are more in-tune with social media than others, the social media monitoring companies will help manage the process and gain more insight from consumers within the community.

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