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Choosing My Privacy Tools through ReputationDefender

ReputationDefender offers comprehensive identity protection through its My Privacy tools and services. Your reputation starts with your identity, and increasingly, identity theft is becoming a dangerous facto of life on the internet. A recent Javelin Research Study found that internet thieves steal the identity of 9 million Americas each year.

My Privacy Tools – Limiting Exposure of Personal Information

Private information is one of the currencies that drive internet commerce. In addition to the possibility of identity theft, exposed private information can affect your life in numerous ways. These include assessing your status, financial situation, potential for employment, marital status, and more.

As part of the My Privacy tools and services, ReputationDefender conducts a thorough scan  to search for your information and other private data online. The process employed by the My Privacy tools extends far beyond a simple Google search.  This includes accessing online databases and people-search sites. also has access to private market online databases where personal information may be store.

Has your personal information been exposed online?Remove my information

Overall scours tens of databases for your personal information in order to remove it from the web.  To do so, calls for sophisticated technology. One element of the My Privacy tools and services utilized by includes generating automatic removal requests to companies found to possess your information. The package includes the systematic repetition of searches and requests to remove your personal data.  This is a necessary part of the My Privacy tools, because normal web usage inevitably results in the submission of personal data. Without constant vigilance, it would be impossible to keep your data away from unwanted eyes.

A Choice of Packages Tailored to Your Needs

ReputationDefender designed the My Privacy tools it offers in a way that meets the needs of different clients.  Subscriptions to the service include one-, two-, and five-year packages.  In addition to finding and removing your information, the packages stop unwanted email offers, halt third-party web tracking, and block spam. 

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