3 Things You Need to Know About Beauty Salon Reputation Monitoring

Beauty salons offer a popular, and often important, service to people around the world. Whether you want to look good for that first date or that first job interview, a salon is often the first stop for many. In turn, potential customers want to ensure they'll have a good experience, and turn to online reviews. For beauty salons, that means reputation management is a key part of your business. Here are three things you should know about beauty salon reputation monitoring.


1. You're Reviewed Across the Internet

One of the biggest challenges for salon image monitoring here are quite a few review sites out there, and it can be a bit intimidating at first to realize the sheer number of site you have to watch. And some of them may surprise you; in addition to local news sites and local business reviews, you've got everything from the Better Business Bureau to large general review sites down to even personal blogs written by somebody just weighing in about various points of her life. It's a lot for any beauty parlor reputation management strategy to handle.

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Generally the best way to manage this sheer amount of content is to use an online reputation service to help you get it all in one place and analyze each review. By getting a sense of what's being said about you, you'll be able to figure out what to do to address each review.


2. You Don't Have to Let a Bad Review Stand

A bad review can be frustrating to see online, especially if you know the customer is leaving a few things out from their story, or is even fabricating parts of their review. But believe it or not, responding is actually a part of a smart salon reputation management strategy.

First and foremost, you can challenge a review under the terms of service agreements of most websites. This is mostly effective for rude, tasteless and hostile reviews: If a critic gets personally insulting, swears excessively, uses racial slurs or other tasteless language, or gets key facts about your business wrong, this is a useful beauty salon image management strategy. However, it is up to the site in question to decide the review needs to be removed, so don't assume they'll take it down when you click "Report Abuse."

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Secondly, most sites allow you to reply, and a polite response — whether you ask for a chance to make things right or just set the record straight — will often impress those reading.


3. You Can Get Customers to Post Positive Reviews

While it's rarely a good idea to flood a review site with positive reviews, you can get more positive reviews than you think, and not just through being an excellent place to get a perm and color. Make it part of your beauty salon reputation management strategy to put up signage asking happy customers to visit review sites and let others know what they think. Include links to review sites on your salon's website, and include review links at the bottom of every email you send. Give your customers opportunities to praise you, and you'll often find they're happy to take them.

If you're not sure how to manage your online reputation, call ReputationDefender. We'll teach you how to get a handle on beauty salonr reputation monitoring, and give you the tools you need to address bad reviews and encourage good ones. Keep the focus on your salon, not how people see it, with ReputationDefender.

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