Small Business Marketing Tips for Electricians

If you’re an electrician, marketing can seem to be a pretty difficult task. Electricians are often necessary for contracting and construction jobs, but how do you put yourself at the forefront of potential customer’s minds? Try a few of these electrian small business marketing and reputation management tips, and you’ll find more business.


Network, Network, Network

Many electrician jobs come not just from contracting with clients directly, but, to the surprise of many starting out, their fellow electricians and other contractors. Often, electricians can find quite a bit of work as subcontractors on a larger job. Look for local contracting companies and introduce yourself; you’ll often find they’re happy to have another contact in their rolodex. Similarly, if you’re a member of a union, take advantage of events and networking tools to meet others in the area. Much of electrician small business marketing starts with fellow electricians.

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Use Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is exactly what it sounds like: Developing an online reputation that puts you at the top of the heap when customers search for an electrician in your area. Work with a “local SEO” expert to boost your rankings. For example, if you lived in Boston, you’d work with an SEO expert to put your business higher in the rankings for the search term “Boston electrician.” SEO is key to electrician marketing.


Build a Social Media Presence

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Social media has two benefits; it’s free, and you can find potential clients everywhere if you put enough work into it. It also makes you easier to find online, and can help you establish a rapport with the wider community, or offer incentives, such as discounts and free estimates. It also helps with electrician reputation management, letting you build a more positive presence in your community.


Join Review Sites

You should be registered on review sites anyway, both local sites and national ones such as Angie’s List. Doing so will help you stay on top of your reviews as they come in, and open the door to other online marketing opportunities. It also gives you more control over your online electrician reputation, and you can encourage happy clients to post positive reviews by placing the link on your social media presence and email signature.


Hand Out Fliers

As old-fashioned as it sounds, there’s something to be said for going around to handyman boards and other places that post bills and putting up a few flyers. Make sure that they’re eye-catching, with a little color, and consider offering some sort of incentive. Even if you offer free estimates as a matter of course, the word “free” has a power over others that has to be seen to be believed in electrician marketing.

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Participate in Local Events

Another effective electrician marketing strategy is surprisingly simple: Volunteer your skills to help out local charities. For example, if Habitat for Humanity is in town, you might volunteer some time to help out. It’s a good way to develop a positive reputation in the community, and you’ll be mentioned on the charity’s website, not to mention any news coverage.

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