Pharmacist Personal Brand Management

You might have thought that only celebrities need to worry about their personal brand. The problem is that the Internet has changed the game. Today, every single person is a brand of their own. You can have your career knocked off track by someone who is jealous or by misinformation. The Internet makes it easy for any person to post anything about you or your career. As the old saying goes, “A lie can be halfway around the world before the truth has a change to put on its pants.” A smart pharmacist will take good care of his personal brand.
That brings up an interesting question. How does one go about forming a pharmacist personal brand management plan? You should know that pharmacist personal brand management includes a number of things. Because pharmacists are not exactly celebrities, you have fewer things to worry about than the average football player. You should take your personal brand seriously, though.
Building up good press
You should actively seek good press. This means seeking out chances to donate or chances to volunteer your time. Likewise, you should establish yourself as an expert in any way possible. This means giving interviews if possible or writing articles for pharmacy journals. This way, you will be building up good press. Think of this as putting good press in the bank for those times when you might be hit with a negative item. This is what good pharmacist personal brand management is all about.
The key to good pharmacist personal brand management is avoiding mistakes. Be careful how you use social media. Likewise, you should not actively antagonize any customer. With the power of the Internet, those people can make your life very hard if you give them a reason to target you. With some common sense and a bit of care, you can craft an image that helps your career.

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